it's a wrap!

just another manic monday…

memory lane and indecisiveness

Came back to Ipoh for the weekend. Restful.
Had the chance to take a walk down memory lane and I took it. Took a walk up to my secondary school’s library. Sat down on the very benches that I’d sat over 9 years ago. Was it that long? Remembering the board meetings we had. Remembering the friends whom some have already lost touch or yet some whom are still great friends indeed.
Grandpa was kind enough to get me a watch. Lovely lilac colored chronograph.
It was not working properly within the day. Had to exchange it. Wasn’t too pleased. Anyhow, when we got to the watch shop, and got the details for exchanging and then…disaster!
I saw the white one which I thought wasn’t nice this morning. Goodness knows why but it looked particularly appealing when I saw it just now. I stood like a dungu there for the longest time staring at both watches, couldn’t decided which one to choose! Ughh…horrible.
Sometimes things work easier for me when there’re no choices, ha!
In the end, everybody got impatient while waiting for me to choose. I stuck with the original lilac color, back to square one aren’t we?
And to think when I told my friend, he said, “All you girls are like that!” (WHAT!!)

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