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They had the launch at the Palace of the Golden Horses. The theme of course was horses, ancient ones that looks like they’re dressed for war. And the decoration was Moorish.

Chamadao literally means the horse and tea route. A party has come up with an idea to reenact this route to commemorate it. It was a very important route in the old days, in the trades between the countries.
Horse caravans carried tea, sugar and salt from Sichuan and Yunnan to Tibet and brought back colorful mountain goods.
The Chinese over the ages often brought warhorses from Tibetan and other ethnic groups in Southwest China, and these too came over this road. The road also served as a significant corridor for migration as well as a cahnnel for cultural communication among the ethnic groups in western China; beyond this, it was a bridge for international cultural and economic exchange between China and India.
Although silk was not included in the trade goods carried over it, at times it has been termed the “Southern Silk Road of China,” due to its importance in both economic and cultural aspects of Chinese hisotry.
~ adapted from Chamaxindao, Tea and Horse Caravan Road 2007.

Calisa’s birthday

We gave her a surprise celebrating in Dome, Times Square. The ambience,

The food and drinks we had. We stuck candle in the dark, cherry muffin.

Candid shots of the birthday girl.

People who were there and had fun.

Ikea goodies

Always wanted one of their jars to hold the spaghetti. Singoalla biscuits are the shortbread biscuits with vanilla cream and a blob of raspberry jam in the middle. A tad sweet but yummy. Haven’t had a chance to rip into the Pepparkakor cappucino thins yet though.

Barcode Building

This building reminds me so much of a barcode that I nick named it “The Barcode Building”. Sometimes I get dizzy just staring at it, and the lines start to move, lol.

Creative advertisements

Can you believe a 15 year old and a 16 year old drew these pictures? They’re great eh?

I’ve always liked black and white pictures. They remind me of the pictures taken in the olden days, those cameras with the huge bang whenver they took a snap.

Somtimes a really creative advertisement just blows you away. An element, like the Edge ad (bottom left) sort of Malaysianizes it, talking about the nasi lemak.

Christmas 2005

Indulgence, Ipoh.
We were having dinner here. Decorations were lovely. Fairylike, that’s the term!

Discovery of sepia with daisies

This was when I first discovered that I can convert pictures in my trusty little digital camera. Lovely