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Esther yesterday

She’s got a cute little bob now. Naughty as ever.

Brother’s birthday

I was back the weekend of my brother’s birthday, well a day after but we still celebrated it. The family went out for a scrumptious dinner at Ye Olde English in Greentown, Ipoh.
Mum and Grandpa had the mix grill of lamb, steak and prawns. The sauce was yummy. Sis as usual, spaghetti. Nothing to shout about. I had the grilled fish which was pretty satisfactory.
Check out my brother and my dad’s pictures. Dad was staring boggle eyed at the camera in an attempt to diffuse my efforts to take a picture of him. Sorry dad, didn’t work! I still got a pretty nce picture of you.

And my brother, turns 14 this year. Lol, I always do my best to fight with him. I mean, not literally, I’d be squashed flat by him. I just irritate him, squashing him against the wall, tickling him, mock punching. He’s taller than me now. Shooting up to be a fine young man.

a little jerky

Ahh, life’s little surprises, some more unpleasant than others.

Today started off as a pretty nice sunny morning. The sister and I was scheduled to go do something with our hair. So we set off about noon. It wasn’t suppose to take too long. Then almost got a summon. A client called, while I was on the way out of the car park. I got spotted by a police car who was patrolling. He-llo?! I’m not working on Saturdays! And he called at about 5pm?! What nonsense?! Almost almost….sigh, I can only thank God they let me off, most of it due to my car number plate.

Now an argument with my date and broken promise to friends…what a day! Pretty pissed now

I don’t want to be nice sometimes, do I get to be the shrew for one day pleaaase!!!???
If only I could keep my cool as well as the illusion that’s portrayed above.

I like! - Custom comment codes for MySpace, Hi5, Friendster and more

Read about this in Nightstar’s blog, and it’s so much fun. Lol, saves the bother of photoshopping 😉 - Custom comment codes for MySpace, Hi5, Friendster and more

Somebody called me this once. Can’t quite seem to get it out of my head whenever the princess word flashes across my vision.


I dream of the day when you stand beside me,
Worshipping our God,
I dream of the day you look down, smiling
at my drowsy face,
I dream of the day we walk, hand in hand
Along the seaside,
I dream of the day, warm in furs,
We take a picture, against the snowy landscape,
I dream of the day, we wear
Matching rings,
I dream of the day, you hold me
When I cry,
I dream of the day, you look at me
As I laugh up at you,
I dream of the day, we walk down
Our home’s stairs together,
I dream of the day, we curl up
And listen to the thunderstorm outside,
I dream of the day, we tease each other,
As we wash up the dishes
I dream of the day, you eat my mediocre cooking,
But tell me it’s the best you ever tasted,
I dream of the day, when you surprise me
By showing up unexpectedly at my doorstep,
I dream of the day, when you lower the temperature of the air conditioner,
Because you saw me rubbing my arms, as goosebumps rise,
I dream of the day, you tease me
About my ignorance,
I dream of the day, when we invite the Holy Spirit,
To preside over us and our household.

Was in Ipoh on Sunday, church service. Glanced out at the sky and it was threatening to pour. So dark. But I like the rain, especially when I’m safely cocooned in a building, lol. So I was praying for it to rain, rain, rain all the way to KL. Just till the evening though.
It has been so hot and stuffy in KL, hasn’t rained for more than a week.
Well, true enough, it rained when we were on our way back to KL. And to confirm, a friend told us it rained cats and dogs in the afternoon.
Lol, I was laughing and telling my sister that, I had prayed for rain in KL when I was in KL but it didn’t work. How come it worked when I was in Ipoh. She told me to go back more often to Ipoh ot pray haha.

Uncle Lim’s at Time’s Square. Their coffee is not too bad, a tad heavy handed on the milk. The bread is the good old Hainan type which I appreciate. The mushroom mee was average, though they do give a generous proportion of mushrooms. Not too bad overall. But if not for it’s convenient location near the entrance, I probably wouldn’t frequent it quite that often.

Was accompanying a friend to the hospital for her check-up. And to my surprise, there was a Starbucks Cafe in the hospital itself! Hmm, hospitals are cashing in on the cafe craze? Gleneagles has Dome Cafe, now Starbucks is looking for a place to go into?
But it made for a pleasant wait cos’ we had our coffee fix while waiting for the results.

Just us sisters.

Upper left: Man, blurry.
Lower left: Still shaky.
Upper right: Almost there
Lower right: There!
LOL, my little digital camera can’t take too much shaking of the hand.