it's a wrap!

just another manic monday…

God’ Training Programme

I read my daily devotion early this morning. It was titled “God’s training programme” and it was taken from Genesis when Jacob went in search of a wife from his mom’s brother. Then the story continues with how he was tricked into marrying the elder daughter and not the younger one whom he loved. He worked 14 years in all for both wives. Well, well…there was no law of polygamy during those days.
Anyway, I digress. It was actually talking about how God moulds someone’s character. I am feeling blue today even more so than yesterday. Time of the month and such…
But I know that it’s all part of life. Life can’t be smooth all the time. You see, there’s just this little problem. I know it doesn’t mean I feel it. Ah well…
Some soothing music, going to make me a cup of coffee with a dash of chocolate inside, probably makes the day a little more bearable 🙂 It’s going to be interesting to participate in a “change-out” tonight, though I’m not super crazy about the idea. We start after 10pm. Anyhow, the term means to change a season like we’re changing from summer to fall now. So we have to rearrange the visual merchandising and stock to bring in the coming season.

On a beach, in the rising of the dawn, with the slightly chilly breeeze, i dream of watching these clouds with silver lining with the one that He knows I’m going to be with.

To watch it turn into fieriness as the glorious sun rose from it’s slumber. We can only stand in awe. And watch this miracle which has been occuring from the beginning of time.

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