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What does it mean to be used by God?

What does it mean to be used by God? Does it mean you are used to serve in church, playing musical instruments, washing cups, ushering, collecting the offering, available to take up chores and organize things or events?
How simple my thoughts were. I’ve just peeked into the tip of it and no, being there to serve God means being ready to be used by Him, especially in the people ministry. It means being ready to go into the lives of people where He places us to them, to touch them, to let them see Him in us.
Oh, how simple it looks on paper without the complications of the human emotions and feelings.
In reality for example, placed in a relationship for 2 years only to have it end because you’ve served your purpose in that person’s life. Relatively simple, everybody moves on. Oh, but the heart wrenching tears and memories that goes on in the turmoil at the end. But the season is over. It’s time to move on. Been used by God for a purpose. It hurts, no doubt about it. Even though sometimes in fact most of the time I don’t seem to understand His ways and how He does things, it’s what I said I’ll do. I said I’ll serve Him, didn’t I? I know even in the darkest moments, amidst the torrent of tears, He says He never leaves me. To quote a friend, “Prepare me for rain, even though I do not understand Your ways.”
He lets me make my own decisions. He’s there beside me. I looked at Him with teary eyes, unsure whether the decision I made is right, even though knowing that the higher percentage was that it’s wrong, He knows it too. But He says, let’s walk. I know the decision you made, but I will go through it with you, I won’t leave. Come, let’s walk…


A view of KLCC from the insect’s point of view. LOL…I feel so small staring up at it.

Rainy day at Geen Avenue

Taken in Green Avenue on a rainy cloudy Friday. How nice. The weather was so cooling. Just nice to snuggle up with a nice cup of hot chocolate or coffee with a good book.

Gap Combo Gardens

Setting up started on the 24th od September. At least I know how to fold clothes with a folding board now. Lol, at least a little bit more consistent.

Fall 2007.

Check out the kid on the top right corner. Dozing happily while the parents shopped. By the way they were our very first customer!

On the 26th, The Gardens Midvalley officially opened their doors for business. They had troops of lion dances to commemorate the event.