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Ahhh…reflections on the year past

What has past, what is going to come? Will the following year bring joy to the heart? Or will it bring heartache and heartbreak? I suppose both are inevitable. Especially when one puts their heart into another’s hands in hope. But then, I can always pray for more and more of the former instead of the latter.
We’ve toasted the year in with hope. Let’s pray joy, peace and love follows suit, abundantly.
Here’s to all, a blessed year ahead!
May God bless you.

Ushering in a spanking good year

Pretty Cupcakes to usher in a sweet New Year. Isn’t that what most of us wish for? A year overflowing with abundance and goodness. Amen to that 🙂

Baby Michael

Baby Michael and Mummy Angela. Those from Ipoh would probably recognize Pastor Elijah Kong, this is the newest addtion to their family 🙂

GAP Charity Screening of Enchanted

This is the cinema foyer where the movie was screened.

The stars of the show, I much prefer Patrick Dempsey’s gentleman style to the prince’s charming one. Amy Adams as the princess. A different kind of happily ever after.

GAP’s promotional posters for Holiday 2007. Crazy stripes!

Hotels in the Mood for Christmas

ShangriLa’s in the mood for Christmas, this particular morning it was misty, chilly and with the warm yellow lights, it’s exactly suited for Christmas.

This is in Park Royal Hotel and it was decked with a short walkway of midsized Christmas trees. Taken during the warehouse sales we had there.

Baby Esther is 2

She’s 2 years old this November. Kids grow so fast. She’s totally mischievous but lately she’s taken a fright to strangers and all. The worst thing is, she needs about half an hour to adjust herself to the fact that she knows you and is familiar with you. Jeez, that’s a pain. Terribly insecure.
Celebrated her birthday early during the weekend. She’s scared of candles and the birthday song! Would you believe it? I’ve never heard of kids who is before. Weird…

Balls of yarn for Christmas

Almost everybody got roped in the team got roped in to help out with winding yarn around these Christmas baubles. But it was kind of fun and in a way err I can say now that I understand why some ladies find it thereaupatic to knit. Lol, anyhow, decorations are up in the stores and the different colors of the balls really made the stores look festive.


Sometimes the sweetest compliments are received when you least expect it. Aunty S and Uncle V called out to me during lunch yesterday. Aunty S asked me why I’m not attached since I’m so attractive. LOL, yes I think I blushed. Then I patted her hand and told her that thank you but that’s probably from the women’s point of view. Then Uncle V patted MY hand and told me he’s confirming it from the men’s point of view. LOL, ahh well, always nice to have compliments. *winks* She even said that if she’s a guy she thinks she’ll go after me. Lol, went on to say too bad the son’s so much younger than me.

The bitter sweet thing about it is, they mentioned P and how they prayed for a partner for him. Sigh, they mentioned that they spoke to him about this a few years ago when he was still single. That tugged at my heart strings. Anyhoos, don’t think, don’t think!!!
Glad it was a short encounter this year, enough however to make me nostalgic but then I had 2 days to cheer up 🙂

Back from a 4 day break!

First day of work after a few days of break and it’s so nice to come back to the new office.
But it seems a bit odd too. Reason being I’m so used to going 2 floors up. But Trusting in God’s spot-on timing, this is better. It was getting too “claustrophobic” upstairs. I wouldn’t have been able to concentrate on my work. Big mistake.
One of the topics actually all of the topics that were spoken on in the conference stayed with me, in particular that we were fearfully and wonderfully made by God. Why?
Well, Pastor Elijah mentioned that just our face alone demonstrates God’s thoughtfulness. Just look in the mirror. The hair grows an inch and half at least, in a month. Our eyebrows stop growing at a certain length. Odd, I never really thought about it that way. Come to think of it, I do pluck my eyebrows, (roll your eyes at vanity!) and whenever I do, they grow, after a few weeks. But they stop at a certain length. Although everybody’s different, it does stop at a reasonable length. Another thing to thank God would be the length of nostril hair and armpit hair! Not my words, the speaker’s! Lol, thank God they do stop at a reasonable length. Oh yes, not forgetting the famous position of the nose. The nose is pointed downwards. Aren’t you glad that it’s not facing upwards? We’ll drown every time it rains. That had me in stitches.