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“Why waste time learning, when ignorance is instantaneous?”
“I suppose the secret to happiness is learning to appreciate the moment.”
Courtesy of Calvin & Hobbes quotes from Facebook. 🙂


“Waking or sleeping, Thy presence my Light”.
Those are part of the lyrics from the hymn, Be Thou My Vision. We happened to sing it in church yesterday. Interestingly, while it has never occurred to me before when this hymn has been sung countless times in church, I did wonder about this particular verse.
Light could mean literal giving light, guiding, to light up the path before us.
Could it also mean light as in referring to our burdens, that He carries us in whatever situation we’re in.

Trigger happy

I went trigger happy with the camera. Reason being, my curly hair’s going to be lobbed off soon. So I’d like beautiful memories of it. *winks 😉 which of course just happens to be the perfect reason to perfect the shots.

On an unrelated note, an interesting Calvin and Hobbes quote:-
“Everyday I have something that grows bigger and bigger, it’s a list of the people who successfully pisses me off, ” Calvin.
You gotta give the little guy credit where credit is due. His observations are spot on!

Mom’s Snow White Cake

I can’t believe my dad bought a Walt Disney cartoon character cake for my mom’s birthday. Lol, but it was sweet of him. Err, it looks pretty, probably more suited to kiddy girls. It sure looks nice. But the material that the scene’s painted on is slightly rubbery, a little icky to eat.
LOL, but mom looks happy enough.

Christmas 2007

Christmas 2007 in GEPC.
This is one of the dressiest Christmas Service I’ve attended yet. Everybody looked really festive 🙂
In fact, there’s so much red that it reminds me of Chinese New Year. Lol, more photos in Facebook.

Carolling 2007

Christmas Eve, what more suitable than carolling before welcoming Christmas Day, with a countdown 🙂 which is exactly what we did.
More photos in Facebook.

New Year’s Lunch

Mr. HO’s Fine Foods.
Ineresting to have lunch. The bacon I’ve been craving for is found here. The craving has been satisfied.
Mashed poatoes, bacon, ham and egg sandwich, beer battered fish and chips, ice lemon tea, Earl Grey of course.
Everywhere’s crowded today. The new year started off with a nice, cooling blanket of rain. Now the evening sun looks lovely, a really mellow kind of golden color.