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Allure of Hope

Hope produces a deepened desire, an aching waiting.
Now isn’t that a new way of looking at hope? I’ve always thought that to hope means to clasp one’s hands in anticipation, with limpid eyes looking heavenward. That would be a picture of serene, peaceful and stillness.
But locking my thoughts onto my experiences, I’ve always been impatient, restless, aching for things I’m waiting for, desire deepening as time passed. I put it down to my character, to my impatience of waiting for things to happen.
Disappointment, betrayal, confusion. Over and over again.
It is not the dream itself that is the point. The point is how the dream opens up the weary heart.


Charms in One Utama. The decorations are interesting, bright red and an odd mixture. I had the fried cheong fun, which was fried and garnished with sesame seeds. A tad saltish but quite a satisfying meal. Portion’s quite big. I couldn’t finish mine. The fried lou shue fun wrapped in egg had a similar taste to my dish, though without the spiciness.


Fish therapy

Spa like environment.

This is getting quite popular now. They use these little fishes to err eat your dead skin cells on your feet. Sounds totally gross I know. And it’s ticklish!!

San Francisco and the tower of KL

Shaky picture, cos I was driving when I took this.

First visit to San Francisco Steakhouse was an interesting one. They managed to pass the service standards. Lol, I sound like some kind of expert on this but anyhow, I believe that as a client, one would have certain expectations towards the service that one gets whichever place one visits.
In truth their service was only slightly above average. But I’ve frequented so many places that have crap services that an average service seems very good in comparison. Did we bring our standards down?
Lowering standards, is a good thing or a bad thing? In our expectations of life? In our expectations of a partner? In our expectations of ourselves even?