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BuSy, bUsY, BUSY…

Man, know what that word means? I thought I knew what it meant, and then at one point, but then it morphs into something even more defining for the word. You think you’re busy when you’ve to send 5 reports in one day. Wait till you need to submit orders for the entire month, submit reports for 12k worth of stocks (which you’ve to dig out from the screwed up computer system) and allocate stocks for the change of season, about 14k worth of them in a few days…wowee…
You know, but I would rather be busy. It keeps you from wandering, in the mind I meant. Idle minds are the devil’s best playground.
I didn’t think I would willingly go back to work on Saturday when it’s my official rest day but it’s almost becoming a norm for me to go back for a few hours some Saturdays to clear my workload.
I thought that was my limit. But then, today I went back for a few hours too! I know! It’s a Sunday. It’s supposed to be rest day and all. But I’m glad I did go back after all. The few hours helped clear some of the workload. Not to mention that I got a pleasant surprise after all. Thank God for landlines. My cell’s battery was dying.
Tomorrow, tomorrow, monday, monday…

Grabbed from a dear friend’s blog

– My housemate, hmmph. Melissa don’t know much about her (psst mysterious girl).The reason why I say don’t know much about her is because not that she is snobbish, in fact I would say she posseses a very nice and pleasant personalities. She has a very nice smell … no I mean smile. Dimples haha. Thanks for helping me find a room.
– My 2nd housemate. Gosh she is one lovely girl. She cooks, she’s caring, and very understanding. She would sit down with me and chat bout stuffs and insisted on looking at my photos. Thanks for all the heads up.
– Ash’s sister. She inherits all the good values from her sister or was it the other way around? She doesn’t like durian, loves junk food. I’m still amazed how you can mix potato chips with rice and giving me the finger licking good sign. I must try that sometime haha … Best thing is she invites me for dinner everytime she and her sister prepares dinner. Thanks for all the food.”

Lol, I never knew a friend who wrote these about me and my sister. LOL, but it’s nice. And I hope he finds peace and friendship that last for always.
A good buddy once told me to reassure me when he got together with a girl. “Relationships come and go but friends are forever.”
I’m not sure how it makes his other half feel if she read about it. I don’t think I would be very happy reading that if I am her. But it brings a small measure of comfort to me being his friend that I don’t lose his friendship because he is venturing into another phase in life.

Screwed up system

I think I scared a few of my colleagues today. Guess they’ve never seen my screwed up face when faced with a screwed up computer system. Bad analogy, I know. But seriously, it’s so screwed up that I am at a lost for words to describe it.
Ah well…
Tomorrow will be a better day.
What will it bring? Love? Hope? Peace? Joy?
Can I have it all? 🙂

Thoughts from a bridesmaid’s story

Watched 27 dresses yet?
It’s a romantic comedy. One of those where one doesn’t need to think too much, is reassured of a happy ending and fuzzy warm feelign at the end of it.
😉 don’t mean to be cynical. I like this genre pretty well. It does wonders to help one unwind and relax at the end of a tense day. So, on a rainy evening, curled up at home and watched this particular movie.
Is it possible that sometimes we want something so badly that the thing that we need is passing in front of us, yet we’re blinded and can’t see it?
Or is it possible that sometimes we think this is what we need but the very thing that we need is right in front of us?
Or maybe we don’t even know what we need or what we want?
What a laugh!

On an unrelated note, I want to give thanks to God because a part of what I’ve been fasting for has been answered, and answered beyond my wildest expectations or what I could even dream of.
A friend who has been diagnosed with uterus cancer was to have the operation some time this week. She has had it. BUT BUT…I just found out today that it is only the lining of her uterus that has been removed not the whole uterus.
Which means she has a chance of becoming a mother! I’m so, so glad that the doctors are taking a chance with her. I think the risks are obvious. But I will continue to pray for her. I hope she gets married and have babies. Yes, that’s a plural! LOL…
Thank you, all who prayed.

Now…I am still fasting, and praying…hopefully the rest of the parts will also come true.

It never goes to waste

Lately I’ve been thinking about the question. What if the item you’re praying and fasting for doesn’t turn out the way you wanted it to? Does it mean that all your efforts were futile, that it was useless?
Would I be disappointed? Would I lose heart?
I believe so. It’s human, it’s natural.
But I also believe that my prayers and fasting did not go to waste and they won’t go to waste. Stubborn child, ain’t I?:)
I believe something is going to happen. Even though the item that I’m praying and fasting for doesn’t happen at once, I believe it WILL, or better still something better will happen.

But of course, as of now, I’m keeping my fingers crossed that what I’m praying and fasting for will come true. I really do. I must’ve prayed so hard for something at some points in my life, but I can’t remember when.

Dear God, please remember me and the items that I’m praying so hard for. Would you please allow us a chance?

Mika Nakashima’s Sakurairo Maukoro


It’s made up of a few strands caught together in a vintage gold clasp. Beads are pearlish, brown and transparent amber, capital “G” in the middle of a strand.

Versatile enough to wear for a Chinese dinner, or a shopping trip downtown.
Retailing for $25 (Malaysian Ringgit).


From Guess Accessories, a vintage pair of earrings, heart shaped loops, with a capital “G” dangling and a strand of amber coloured stones.
Perfect to glam up a simple outfit, or just for a day out with the girls.
Retails at $25 (Malaysian Ringgit).


Hi all, have in my possession some original pieces of accessories from Guess by Marciano. The bangle below here in my page is retailing for $25 (Malaysian Ringgit). If there’re more than one person who’s interested, I’ve to consider putting it up for bid. *winks, therefore I do hope that there are more than one person liking it.

A cluster of pretty beads dangling elegantly from the wrist. Simple enough to wear to classes, yet elegant enough to wear for a night out.

Black and transparent beads, a silver heart shape, a silver “g” representing Guess and a smaller silver heart attached to a small black bead, all held together with a thin black ribbon.
It would make a perfect gift either for a sweetheart or a gal friend. Please drop me a comment if you’re interested. Or email me at