it's a wrap!

just another manic monday…

Grabbed from a dear friend’s blog

– My housemate, hmmph. Melissa don’t know much about her (psst mysterious girl).The reason why I say don’t know much about her is because not that she is snobbish, in fact I would say she posseses a very nice and pleasant personalities. She has a very nice smell … no I mean smile. Dimples haha. Thanks for helping me find a room.
– My 2nd housemate. Gosh she is one lovely girl. She cooks, she’s caring, and very understanding. She would sit down with me and chat bout stuffs and insisted on looking at my photos. Thanks for all the heads up.
– Ash’s sister. She inherits all the good values from her sister or was it the other way around? She doesn’t like durian, loves junk food. I’m still amazed how you can mix potato chips with rice and giving me the finger licking good sign. I must try that sometime haha … Best thing is she invites me for dinner everytime she and her sister prepares dinner. Thanks for all the food.”

Lol, I never knew a friend who wrote these about me and my sister. LOL, but it’s nice. And I hope he finds peace and friendship that last for always.
A good buddy once told me to reassure me when he got together with a girl. “Relationships come and go but friends are forever.”
I’m not sure how it makes his other half feel if she read about it. I don’t think I would be very happy reading that if I am her. But it brings a small measure of comfort to me being his friend that I don’t lose his friendship because he is venturing into another phase in life.

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