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It’s made up of a few strands caught together in a vintage gold clasp. Beads are pearlish, brown and transparent amber, capital “G” in the middle of a strand.

Versatile enough to wear for a Chinese dinner, or a shopping trip downtown.
Retailing for $25 (Malaysian Ringgit).


From Guess Accessories, a vintage pair of earrings, heart shaped loops, with a capital “G” dangling and a strand of amber coloured stones.
Perfect to glam up a simple outfit, or just for a day out with the girls.
Retails at $25 (Malaysian Ringgit).


Hi all, have in my possession some original pieces of accessories from Guess by Marciano. The bangle below here in my page is retailing for $25 (Malaysian Ringgit). If there’re more than one person who’s interested, I’ve to consider putting it up for bid. *winks, therefore I do hope that there are more than one person liking it.

A cluster of pretty beads dangling elegantly from the wrist. Simple enough to wear to classes, yet elegant enough to wear for a night out.

Black and transparent beads, a silver heart shape, a silver “g” representing Guess and a smaller silver heart attached to a small black bead, all held together with a thin black ribbon.
It would make a perfect gift either for a sweetheart or a gal friend. Please drop me a comment if you’re interested. Or email me at

First Spa Experience

Thanks to a one of my girl friends, my sister and I got a spa treat! Well, let’s just say that a spa session is divine but you can’t be self concious because err because well, you have to strip, so…
The first thing they started with was ear candling. It was supposed to be cleaning your ears, improving blood circulation and for relaxation. The first two criterias passed, but I really must veto the last one. I was nearly hopping about with tension.
They sort of stick something like a lighted candle in your ear. Ok, that was exactly what it looked like looking across a wooden screen at my sister’s side and without wearing any glasses. I was so worried it’ll burn us or something. Not very comforting was the fact that exactly the same thing was sticking in my own ear! So, relaxing it was not for me.

We chose something called Pure White, which included a body mask, which I presume was something to do with milk. Can’t really see what color the substance was because it was so dim. But they put it on our backs first then only the front. It was so cold! The environment plus the lotion. Honestly this is a terrible simile but it was what crossed my mind at that moment while I was shivering away. Lol, I felt like a piece of chicken or meat being marinated. * winks, I hope that doesn’t squelch anybody’s desire to visit spas!
After that, we were treated to a really delicious bubble bath. The water was just the right temperature, we soaked in there and almost fell asleep. The view from the window was pretty too after the rain in the evening.

Ahh, I can think of someone who’d love this mirror. I like it too. Bold.
After quick shower, we hopped back into the room and to the massage that followed. Awwwwesome. I practically refused to leave. Yes, it was that good, the masseuse lady smoothing out the kinks in my shoulders, back and neck applied just the right amount of pressure, without being too harsh or too soft. Lovely. That was one of the best massages.

They have this round hole for you to stick your face in so that you can breathe while lying facedown. Usually in most places you just stare at the floor, but here they put this floating daisy, which looks pinkish in the dim light but is actually orangey yellow in color. I thought it was a pretty great idea though.