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More of Penang…yess overdue

Francis Light’s Memorial at St.Georges church. The church was closed. I was longing to go insdie. I’m pretty sure they would have all these high ceilings, probably dotted with long necked fans, windy, and pleasantly painted cream, with old wooden pews and a giant altar at the front.
Anyways, the Francis Light Memorial in the grounds spoke of a man who although supposedly painted as a tyrant sent to conquer us, was actually remembered affectionately in the plaque. Now we don’t remember tyrants with affection do we? He must’ve been a good man.

The restaurant tucked away in a little corner that we had our dinner on the last day of the trip for work. Nice, but a little pricey. We must’ve looked foreigner like.

The cloudy and gloomy weather over in Queensbay.

Penang’s Heritage

Check out the really traditional type of temple and YAP Temple, side by side.

One of the many temples on the island.

Ahhh…yes, good old Fort Cornwallis. I learnt a lot there.

Check out the Brylcream inscribed on the cover. Never would’ve thought this hair cream had so much history!
I’ve always wanted to walk around Penang like I’ve seen all the tourists do. Never got the chance though, because every time I went, it was with my family and they’ve got like a standard list of places and food they must have. So it’s almost similar every single time. Well, finally got the chance to satiate my thirst for soaking in culture, amidst a very happy sun, I might add.
The pigeons reminds me of Trafalgar Square. This place’s name just sticks in my mind.