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My Blueberry Nights

Watched a movie just now. Interesting one. Non-conventional.
It stars Norah Jones and Jude Law as the love interest and directed by Wong Kar Wai. His movies are a little offbeat and mostly difficult to understand sometimes. He likes to use a technique I don’t often see in other films. It’s the colors; it reminds me of movies that are old and film that is over-exposed, garish tones, neon lights. He likes to use movements of objects too, the speed and rush of the subway and the trickle of melted ice cream through a slice of blueberry pie. Most people would find this movie boring, I think. It is a little slow moving. I was looking for a point in the movie at first. But until I stopped searching and let the movie play it out, and then did I get the meaning of it. At least, how I interpreted it.
It’s about a girl who met a guy. You’re probably thinking that this is the same old story of most love stories. But hang on. This has an interesting twist though. Unlike most movies, Lizzie (Norah Jones), doesn’t sleep with Jeremy (Jude Law) after the first meeting. I must admit, I kind of thought that would happen. So the movie managed to surprise me.
Well, Lizzie’s nursing a broken heart, she meets Jeremy whom she can talk and write to about anything. She goes away from New York to heal her broken heart and to forget her memories. Meet’s a couple of interesting personalities along the way. Al had different versions of interpreting love. Familial love, husband and wife love, companionship…
Interesting as I said, very signature of Wong Kar Wai, don’t think any other director has this flair. I’ll leave you to find out the ending yourself, if you ever get around to watching it that is. It might be a boring film to you though, or who knows, maybe you would learn to enjoy it.

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  cylee wrote @

4 months ++++ took you so long to update your blog 😛 Norah Jones starred in that movie? hm…she got sing any songs?

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