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A coincidence

A coincidence? Or a rare submissive acceptance to go with the flow with what has already been ordained?
However one chooses to put it, it’s just there, that goose-bumps feeling when you realized that things have worked out just the way they are supposed to, and you wouldn’t have it any other way.
I was supposed to take my Replacement Off day today, Friday the 29th May 2009. Another colleague said she only had today to take off and well, I admit I was a little huffed, like I’ve been usurped of my right. Well, to be fair, I did submit my request first, middle of the month.
Anyhow, I let it slide; gracefully, after all having a Thursday off was not too bad. I could do my laundry, go drink coffee somewhere; write a little maybe and generally a day when I could do as I wish.
Well, let’s just say it did not turn out as I had planned.
My mom was supposed to come down with a lady, a church friend to visit my pastor on Tuesday but they couldn’t make it. What are the odds of that? My mom called me on my day off, while I was sleeping, yes, sleeping and told me she was on her way down.
So, yours truly showered, got dressed, sent off an email and zoomed to the hospital. It turns out my mom brought Social Security forms and insurance claim forms which would’ve sent anybody into a panic at those stacks of papers, what lest a distraught wife whose husband is lying in the hospital?
I gritted my teeth and stared at those forms, forcing the bile rising from my throat back, flipped through them one by one, and got down to the messy business of filling up the form, whatever I could anyway. I left the ones which information needed to be found out to be found out by mummy dearest and the medical report which was pending from the doctors. And get this, Great Eastern Building was within walking distance and we just went there to find out the correct procedures. We were walking down an entirely wrong direction by the way.
All these, plus the company of my mom for the day, were how I spent my day off. Being rewarded with a smile from pastor and the comprehension of my words, altogether, a fruitful day indeed-y.