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Of baby blues and pinks

Excerpts from an old 3 way email conversation:-

R: morning comrades! …
B: Hey babes, How’s the doing? 🙂
A: Babes!??! THere’s only one babe around here. LOL how does it feel like, to be referred to as a babe huh? Muahaha.
Now you realize dude has its merit ehh..

B:I’m happy to be a dude but babes … them rock my world 😀
R: say man..put the JD down and step away from the bar.. its freaking 11am in the morning..
AND NO, I ain’t no babe! even though the word has only been implied to feminine use and not defined as so, I still AIN’T NO BABE! agreed on the babe rocking your world part! 😉
A: Correction, It’s probably whisky or vodka, straight. LOL  Aww, it ain’t so bad. He sees your “feminine” side. Aint that great?!!!Muahaha…i seem to think I get more wicked everyday. Why’s that eh? You guys are BAD influences.
As for the last part, I represent the babes of the world in saying a thank you. (a curtsy is required, use your imagination!)
B: “He sees your “feminine” side. Aint that great” Quote – yeap sure thing. I’ve also had visions of R with lipstick? 😀 smokingggggg. Lol… that’s why. We’re not bad, we are angels …. Without wings and golden hoops over our heads that is. You’re most welcomed Ash, awww what’s curtsy? Lemme google  

make a curtsy; usually done only by girls and women; as a sign of respect; “She curtsied when she shook the B’s hand”

Wow, don’t you love google.

R: what!! lipstick!! ..hmm ..okay what color though? Thats right, we are angles who dont play harps but guitars!
Google rocks!!!
B: I don’t know Bright Pink or Baby blue maybe? HAHAHA … the thought alone send shivers down me spine … Need to refill my Green Tea BRB.
A: Hmm…Curtsies are nice feminine things to do i think. Though I don’t think you will catch me doing it anytime soon. Muahaha and certainly i will NOT do it when shaking your hand B! When do I ever shake your hand anyway? Whacking it is more often yeah? Think my sister!! MUahaha
MEN?! (shakes head) IOnly you can think of baby blue lipstick. You’ll look like a drag queen with tubercolossis.
And bright pink? Drag queen after a night’s performance. Now don’t even get me started on greens and purples.
And google? Use blackle to save energy!

B: Me goodness …. You are hilarious Ashlee, you make me laugh so hard people in my department were staring at me … think I’m crazy or something. 🙂
R: well news flash dude..they are staring at you cause you are crazy..hahah baby blue.. hmmm  always liked that color…but the mental picture of drag queen with TB just about ruined it for me!
A: Who me?! I didn’t do anything. (mental picture: halo on top of my head) And I betcha never look at baby blue the same way again. *winks
Phew that fish cracker was hot!I’m hungry


Sunglasses: to shield one’s eyes from the sun
Having got that definition cleared up, I have always wondered why some people choose to wear them inside buildings, the best example would be inside shopping malls. (Ha! Could it be those spotlights eh?)

Me, the innocent shopper walking past a person who behaves like that, after noticing them, cannot help but swivel my head up to check if there were indeed glares anywhere.

Well, more often not, and I will make a face, shake my head exaaperatedly and walk on. 

What took the cake was, I was watching a television series and this girl who rode a bike when to have supper delivered to another actor. When they had finished, she got on her bike, PUT on her sunglasses and said “Ciao!” breezily to the guy and roared off on her bike.

I cracked up, can’t help it! Well, technically, the movie set would contain lights and she would be able to see her way even with the sunglasses, but it was actually hilarious to me. Just another movie blip.

Random thoughts, random thoughts. Time to be getting some beauty sleep. Hmm, I think Chamomile does help, my headache’s almost entirely gone. Whoopdee doo. And I’m relaxed enough to sleep now. What could be better than a full 8 hours sleep?

Answer: A full 8 hours’ sleep with sweet dreams!


Parking Spots

Mr.R found a parking spot by the roadside just near the place he wanted to eat. However there was a lamp post that took up some space. No matter, he started reversing his car into the spot while Mr. C and I continued chattering on.

Once, twice. A little too near the lamp post, again, reverse, front.

I spotted a car easing smoothly out of the space directly opposite us.

“Oh look, a perfect parking spot right opposite,” I said, casually.

Mr.R stops reversing and makes a mock scowl, “Hate it when this happens.”

“Well God has a sense of humor,” I said. 😛

“YEAH!” agrees Mr.R.

I started laughing,”I’m sure He’s cracking up, up there.”

Lo and behold, Mr.R eased the car to the space opposite, and reversed and parked it straight when, the car in front eased smoothly out from it’s space!

I cracked up, I really can’t help it! “I love it when He agrees with me!”

fun fairs, sunshiny day, heavy rain, late night

So, so pooped!

Now that didn’t come out right, poop means err…ah well…

My eyes are closing, I’m autopilot…what a day! Phew, and I’m still unshowered, eww, ah but the silver lining being, a nice, nice dinner!

The bad thing being, out in the sun the whole morning, being shoved about by throngs of people, late nights, early rising tomorrow (earlier than a work day! 😦 ), my family here and I can’t spend time with them!


I’ve no strength left to be pissed, is that bad? I need a shower, and sleep…and sleep…and sleep….and sleep…


但有时,‘珍惜’, 只得一次。

I got this phrase from my sister’s blog. Sometimes, the flowery, lilting Mandarin language seems to give so much depth to a word.

珍惜 = cherish/appreciate

The entire phrase means, to lose something, then only will you learn to cherish it, but sometimes, the opportunity to cherish only passes once, to lose that chance, you might not get another.

I’ve been there, I know that bitter, metallic taste of losing something or someone that you would’ve loved to cherish, maybe even for a lifetime, but that opportunity has passed you by.

What should one do? Mope and cry? Rant and rave? Shrug the shoulders and soldier on? March ahead, with unshed tears?

Had me some time to calm down, think, accept the facts, learnt the lesson, gathered the shattered pieces and memories in a heap, put them in a bos, locked it, kept the keys and moved on. Once in a while, I take the memories out, shake the dust from them and reflect on the lessons learnt, now without bitterness, instead looking to weave them into my tapestry.

My tapestry of life.

A Rant and then some…

I got really pissed off today…honestly. I hate being threatened. It’s so bloody  below the belt!

But the great thing: there’re always lights somewhere…we just have to turn our heads around sometimes.


But somehow, dinner with some friends and some time to chill with dessert, drama series, a Vitamin C scrub, an oatmeal and honey mask mellowing me, my sister’s blog giving me rip-roaring side splitting laughs, I feel calmer. Or maybe it’s that Chamomile Green Tea.

I am looking forward to my family being here tomorrow.  One of my favourite sister and my favourite brother’s coming to town, ooh my favourite mom and dad too. Looking forward…looking forward…looking forward…

I’m feeling much lighter now after everything has been settled and I am able to breathe a little easier…

A new year, a new leaf…

Crossing Bridges

What lies on the opposite side of the meadow? I see lush green grass, cows grazing, lilies on the field, a merry gurgling brook. Does it mean that there won’t be thunderstorms once in a while, does it mean that there won’t be flash floods and rainy days and running cows? 🙂

I do not think so. But it’s a journey that I must make to discover more, more of myself. To leave behind familiarity, to leave behind what I’ve known and am comfortable with, to uproot.

To cross that bridge, into a place I’ve never been.

Life is not measured by the number of breaths we take but by the moments that takes our breath away- George Carlin

*these days sure are taking my breath away…



Goodness me, I’m still awake at this hour and tomorrow’s an early day for work. I’m really tired, work’s been cra-zey, to put it mildly. Sitting here, yawning my head off, the chilly wind easing in through the window…I should shower and fall into a state of rest like 2 hours ago. But I want to put this down while the thoughts and emotions evoked in me is still fresh and raw.


A movie simply entitled Daisy.
I’m showered, spent it with my head in the clouds, I dug through some old things for last year’s diary and found the date I was looking for. 29th of June, year 2008.  That was the date I first heard about this movie. It has in all actual fact made a deep enough inpression because it was always stuck in my head. Whenever I wonder what movie I should watch, this movie came to mind. I supposed what piqued my curiosity more was that the person who told me about this movie had left the ending out. A wonderfully diverting evening it certainly has been.

So, this movie had intrigued me for more than almost a year and a half. I finally watched it earlier in the evening. I had lots of trouble downloading it, so I decided to just watch it on YouTube.

Some points stuck in my head from the movie:
* Daisy: hidden love
* Coffee is mentioned so much in there.
* The public square in Amsterdam is a place in my dreams that I dream of visiting in the future.  

It’s an interesting love story, quite unlike most Korean love stories with a fair amount of sobbing and crying. The actress portrays emotions very strongly and aptly. Very good acting. I enjoyed most of the scenes, her loft, the grandpa’s shop, coffee in the square, the rolling fields with cows grazing and of course lilies blooming, the little wooden bridge, the high wooden beams of the room which is used to house the headquarters of the secret association, the rain falling, the classical music in the boat, the painting of the lilies of the field.

I have of course enjoyed the love story that was played out. Curiously, I did not take sides, I liked both the guys equally well in the story, just that they were on opposition teams, so to speak. I see how difficult a position the girl must’ve been in. However, she wanted the man who build the bridge for her, who cared enough to do that and to retrieve her art supplies, who delights her with flowers that she favors. That is a man who meets her need. She fell for the good guy so easily because she thought he was the man, when she really loved another all along. The good guy portrayed the dream, he was not the dream itself. Having said that, the bad guy/dream is every bit the attentive guy who cares for her and loves her. On the other hand, the good guy, who was invariably thrown into this because of the nature of his job, fell unexpectedly in love with her, took advantage of the situation yet, it was short lived. Tragic aint’ it?

Life has many unexpected turns and bends in the road. At times, a cut on the heel from a sharp stone, walk a little further and you come upon an unexpected pleasure, lilies in the field, in full bloom, it’s said that Solomon in all his glory was never clothed like the lilies of the field.

The photo posted is of the ending. I see now that it may have been difficult to explain the ending, it was very abstract. The ending however, was a play of colors on the main cast and the background was grayscale, very interesting use of camera skills, very subtly arresting the viewer’s attention, as it had mine.


Why should a random movie mentioned in a conversation so long ago stay in my mind? Why whould I watch it after so long? Yes, intriguing isn’t it? What compels me to watch it now? What prompts me to write out these thoughts in my head, aroused and unsettled after watching it?

Hidden love…daisy.

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Bed of Roses (with or without thorns?)


What do you do in a dilemma? Do you face it head on or do you run and hide?
It’s mostly the decision making that causes the agony. Once it’s done, one just has to stick with it and move on. Like the saying “You’ve made your bed, so lie in it.” Would that be a bed of roses with or without thorns, hmm?

Decision making comprises of analysing the pros and cons, thinking it over, mulling over every possibility, weighing this against that, north against south, east against west.

The thing is, nobody is responsible for that life changing deicision you make except yourself. If you screw it up, well, too bad, it’s your life, don’t blame your parents, don’t blame your friends, don’t blame your boss, don’t blame your partner, don’t blame God. Having said all that, don’t we all wish there were some guidance to which path we choose?

The thing is, we are all given free will. And with that, comes responsibility. There’s no bored wizened looking uncle who would point his staff in the direction you should go, available. It’s purely your own decision. It’s enough to drive one crazy. Yes, sire. Well, God won’t choose for you,  and sometimes, I do wish He would, because after all He knows best which path’s going to be the roses and which path hides the painful thorns. But maybe, just maybe it works this way: We could learn something whichever way we choose. We could grow up, so to speak. And that journey’s worth much more to Him than merely choosing the better path.


Chick Flick, definitely…and that would make the book Chick Lit? Lol…
What’s not to like about chick flick/lit, yeah? It makes for an amusing one and a half hours, minimal usage of brain cells, perfect for unwinding after a looong day at work, wringing all the juices out of your brain.
I’ve always liked to watch movies based on books, I like to see how far they digress. And yes, most of them does not stay faithful to the book, won’t be practical anyhow, P.S. I Love You is a perfectly good example.
Ah, well, back to this particular one at hand. Well, it runs an almost entirely different course from the book. Yes, Rebecca Bloomwood nee Becky applied for a post in a Financial Magazine, Suze the best friend, then there was Luke Brandon, love interest and Alicia B****Longlegs or so she was known in the book (and movie!), her horrendous addiction to shopping and Denny & George scarf.  But that was where the similarity ended.
Story line took a different turn altogether. Very interesting use of animation for the store mannequins. But if I were a kid, it scared the living daylights outta me.
The part where Becky tried de-cluttering. Now, I’ve tried that one, but seriously, I’m quite a hoarder. Sigh, so it’s really kicking and screaming and protesting that I would do this, but at times it is so unavoidable.

Drawing a breath of freedomI really like this picture of Isla Fisher. She's got this childish, innocent, wide-eyed look about her, especially that twirl during this scene. How can anyone stay angry at her? Fashion savvy

She’ll always look youngish, even at 50! I particularly enjoyed watching her in “Definitely Maybe”.


Very high-street fashion, this promo pictures.


The leading man, Hugh Dancy and Isla Fisher. Somehow I’ve always had these characters and how they would look like in my mind when I read a particular book and story.

Luke Brandon would’ve been more polished, refined, not so scruffy and having a five o’clock shadow. Now Rebecca would’ve been a little more sophisticated as well, blond maybe, not quite so bumbling, Isla is adorable I like her. But this was my picture in the head when I read the book.

However, like all Cinderella-ish movies, happy endings and smiles.

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