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just another manic monday…

Parking Spots

Mr.R found a parking spot by the roadside just near the place he wanted to eat. However there was a lamp post that took up some space. No matter, he started reversing his car into the spot while Mr. C and I continued chattering on.

Once, twice. A little too near the lamp post, again, reverse, front.

I spotted a car easing smoothly out of the space directly opposite us.

“Oh look, a perfect parking spot right opposite,” I said, casually.

Mr.R stops reversing and makes a mock scowl, “Hate it when this happens.”

“Well God has a sense of humor,” I said. 😛

“YEAH!” agrees Mr.R.

I started laughing,”I’m sure He’s cracking up, up there.”

Lo and behold, Mr.R eased the car to the space opposite, and reversed and parked it straight when, the car in front eased smoothly out from it’s space!

I cracked up, I really can’t help it! “I love it when He agrees with me!”


  candle wrote @

wait till Mr. R reads this…i cant wait!!!!

  ashleewong wrote @

😛 not everybody reads my blog…hahaha

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