it's a wrap!

just another manic monday…


Sunglasses: to shield one’s eyes from the sun
Having got that definition cleared up, I have always wondered why some people choose to wear them inside buildings, the best example would be inside shopping malls. (Ha! Could it be those spotlights eh?)

Me, the innocent shopper walking past a person who behaves like that, after noticing them, cannot help but swivel my head up to check if there were indeed glares anywhere.

Well, more often not, and I will make a face, shake my head exaaperatedly and walk on. 

What took the cake was, I was watching a television series and this girl who rode a bike when to have supper delivered to another actor. When they had finished, she got on her bike, PUT on her sunglasses and said “Ciao!” breezily to the guy and roared off on her bike.

I cracked up, can’t help it! Well, technically, the movie set would contain lights and she would be able to see her way even with the sunglasses, but it was actually hilarious to me. Just another movie blip.

Random thoughts, random thoughts. Time to be getting some beauty sleep. Hmm, I think Chamomile does help, my headache’s almost entirely gone. Whoopdee doo. And I’m relaxed enough to sleep now. What could be better than a full 8 hours sleep?

Answer: A full 8 hours’ sleep with sweet dreams!


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