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Timing is everything

Scenario 1

Blearily I looked at the phone, you know the state when you just woke up and your eyes are mere slits, you can’t seem to focus on anything, much less read anything that’s on your mobile’s screen, your fingers do not coordinate with your brain to type out the code that is needed to unlock the phone, rigghtt, that’s where I was when I realized in the early morn that somebody had sent me a text.

Curiously I checked the details (because I would have to be dead asleep not to have heard it come in), it read 2.22am, and the date was 22/12/2009. Quite dead asleep then. Quite a lot of 2s too.

Lunch was had in the office due to tremendous workload, and so, I typed my reply to the above about 1pm and being a tad curious and impish, I left the reply till almost 2 plus and pressed “Send”. I had included that bit about the text that arrived early in the morn. The bit about the time and date.

Lo and behold, a text reply that said, “Your message also arrived on the 22/12/2009 at 2.22 but pm. ”

“Oh, wow,” I thought.  :O

I was quite speechless, because there is really no way that this could be planned, needless to say the recipient was duely awed as well.

Scenario 2

I am lost. In the big, wide world of …Putrajaya. The roads there were virtually devoid of human occupants. Well, there were cars, but I didn’t want to come across as a mad woman, thumping on people’s car windows.

I needed badly to ask for directions to my friend’s registration. That’s right, she was getting married!

In desperation, I stopped by a chauffeur’s and tapped on his window, the kind man, with a face that was gnarled like a walnut and tanned, kindly told me to go straight.

And straight I did go. Until a point when I realize that there didn’t appear to be more buildings after the traffic lights I was at. I was about to jump the set of yellow lights when a text message came in, my friend asking me how was the ROM so far.

I stopped at the traffic lights, was typing a reply to her, telling her I was lost when I happened to glance up and TA DA! The building I was looking for , on my right! Ooh! The timing. 😀

Gotta love it!

Another Chapter

Another chapter of my life is about to end.

Somehow, on the day when I couldn’t sit still with excitement, because I was collecting an offer letter from this company springs back to mind. I remembered walking into the receptionist, aglow with yellow lights, pretty girls wrapped in colorful shawls passing by, messengers dropping off letters and parcels, waiting for my future colleague to hand me the documents. It was a short moment.

Yet, when I walked practically skipped out there, I felt like I was on top of the world. Having been through, not hell, but close in my first job which lasted 6 months and a year of “finding myself” in a job that I did not excel at, which I didn’t hate, didn’t love, just getting through it, putting food on the table…I finally felt, jubilant, at getting the job I wanted.

On that happy day, the day when I would eat my final meal as a member of the team, as an employee of this company never, ever crossed my mind.

It’s here, it’s time to turn the last page of this chapter, time to close it and move on to the following chapter. I wait rather tensely, apprehensively. I wish I could say, I have the same feelings of jubilance, but I don’t. Maybe not yet.

Double whammy this year, end of the year I’m always melancholy and nolstagic, this comes on once Christmas comes and goes. This year, haiyo…

I know I got to move on, I know. I don’t even need to convince my mind, which is logical and rational and sound. What’s difficult to analyse, to untangle is the ball of yarn all knotted up (those feelings in the heart, havoc) and it takes a little bit of time to get them to move in sync to the rythm once again.

Just a little while…

Life’s Simple Pleasures

Lying on the couch, listening to the rythm of the raindrops falling, lulling me to sleep, waking up to the night, the streets glistening with the rain, reflecting the street lamps and headlights of the cars, everything seems sharper, clearer, brigther. The air smells crisp, cool.

Laughing till your stomach hurts at the littlest jokes.

Unexpectedly hearing the song you love to sing along to on the radio, while driving. (I did not say sing well…haha)

Having someone call you while you were dreaming about it!

Cuddling into your blanket, listening to the rain pouring outside, thankful to be indoors.

Talking on the phone till you know you’re blabbering and mumbling things that neither of you would probably remember and till your eyes close of their own accord.

Snuggling into a throw, with a cup of hot chocolate, and a good book, chilly wind wafting in throught the window.

Having conversations that make you think.

A great cup of coffee, freshly brewed.

Tasting great food.

When your boss says, Well done!

Getting out of the shower, feeling clean, wrapping yourself up in a warm cosy towel.

When you see the joy on a friend’s face at the unexpected surprise you gave.

Aha! Finding money in a pair of jeans that you’ve not worn for ages.

Laughing at yourself.

Having someone tuck you in to bed.

Watching the sunset.

When someone tells you they read every word of your email, even though every time, it’s a 500 word essay.

“Accidentally” hearing something great about yourself.

Having someone remember where you met the very first time.

Listening to a song that melts your heart which reminds you of someone that matters.

Being with an old friend that knows you so well, you can be completely yourself.

Inhaling the scent of the person you love.

Surrounded with your family, laughing, ribbing, kidding, debating on a topic of conversation.

Hearing the person you love tell you “I love you”.

Iconic Tower

The Empire State Building in New York makes a beautiful backdrop in winter for those Christmas lights. It’s referred to as the iconic tower that represents romance in a review written for the 1957 movie, “An Affair to Remember” starring Cary Grant and Deborah Kerr.

“If I don’t look, I’ll always wonder.”

Life is full of these whether it’s in hope for the future or tinge of sorrow for the what if that has passed. Lately, I find myself reluctant to sleep with exactly that feeling of “wonder-ing”. I know I need sleep. My eyes half closed most nights and I still sit in front of the screen, typing, browsing, sometimes reading a book, just letting time drag by, until I’m so tired, too tired to think, and then I can fall asleep quickly, sleep comes almost instantateously. Call it escape, call it running away, call it one of the ways of dealing with it.

Yet I still wonder. And the problem is my gut feeling is it’s a “When…” and not an “If…” and it scares me. It brings me to a point when I let myself think, what if I’m wrong…and I do not dare answer that question. Maybe I’m just being an ostrich, pushing away the truth by burying my head in the sand and seeing nothing. Maybe I just don’t want to admit the obvious. I can’t explain this and honestly, it’s not fun. It’s tiring, draining, teary, demanding, taxing and it’s definitely not fun…if this is a time of testing adn waiting God, would you please sustain me, if You would end it, please do…

Now for some movie trivia that I read about:-
Nora Ephron wrote Sleepless in Seattle (1993), When Harry Met Sally (1989) and You’ve Got Mail (1998).

Mistakes, mistake

Made a terrible mistake at work today, and I was stuck in practically another town, with no means of going back to face it and fix it. It is all my own fault actually. Just when I thought I was above those petty and careless little mistakes, plop! There I go again…into the drain. Who was it that say pride goes before a fall, has got the nail on the head. (Don’t I wish I can knock that nail into whoever that was now!)

I caught the ending of the current season of America’s Next Top Model that was showing on television just now. The comment on one of the models was that she had a sense of humor that is bordering on sarcasm, thereby pissing of some puffed up fragile egos along the way. The judges said people, even clients and those who work with her, would sometimes mistake her as arrogant. *gulps

See, I have been refered to with similar terms, and well, it hurts. I thought, I’m not like that. I’m not that girl you’re talking about. I don’t make fun of people and laugh at their expense. I do not, do I? What can I do? I could take the advice shown on television. A healthy dose of humility and to think before words fly out of my mouth. That, and to think hard on the job at hand. I honestly am depressed about that mistake I made. I am appalled, at myself.

But today, today has ended.

“Finish each day and be done with it. You have done what you could. Some blunders (how true today!) and absurdities have crept in; forget them as soon as you can. Tomorrow is a new day. You shall begin it serenely and with too high a spirit to be encumbered with your old nonsense.

Would that be Ralph Waldo Emerson, I wonder?

Ribbons and some odd looking boxes with the occasional star and sequin.

More odd looking boxes, more stars, more sequins. 

A lot of odd looking boxes with a lot of stars and sequins and ribbons. You’ll never guess what’s inside each of those funny looking and endearing boxes. Unless you’re one of those people who helped put the plan into action. Take a look at the picture below and venture another guess.

Please don’t tell me your answer’s the object above but flattened.

Of cloudy skies, peekaboo moon, strolls in the evening, lanterns and tete-a-tetes in the gardens, learning hokkien language, finished off splendidly with a heavy, heavy downpour! Everybody ran helter skelter for shelter, but the rain didn’t last long. just enough to wash the earth nice and celan, getting her ready for bed or a shower to wak her up, depending on which continent you’re on. As for me, it was washing up to go to bed.

I’ve made up my mind, I will not budge. I will insist on going ahead with my plan this time. Birthdays and weddings are too important events to miss.

Night, y’all.

Night at the movies

You’ve Got Mail, from 1998, Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan. Ten years ago, when emails and instant messaging first became popular. I still have about half an hour of the movie to go. These are lyrics from a song in the movie. Dream by Roy Orbison.

Dream, when you’re feeling blue
Dream, that’s the thing to do
Just watch the smoke rising rise in the air
You’ll find your share of memories there

So dream when the day is through
Dream, and they might come true
Things never are as bad as they seem
So dream, dream, dream [Repeat]

Ahhh…my day is almost through now, so I’m going to be going to bed, probably falling asleep a few minutes after my head touches the pillow, and to dreamland goeth I. 🙂

Serendipity (2001) Kate Beckinsdale and John Cusack. While You Were Sleeping (1995) Sandra Bullock and Bill Pullman. I’m going to be watching Sleepless in Seattle (1993) also Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan soon.

I must say I enjoyed every one of them. The jokes they pulled and words they said in these old movies had just the right amount of humor and wit in them to make me laugh so hard. Ah, the good jokes.

Their languages were much more colorful then, subtle yet delightfully amusing jokes. The manner and the wit with which the scripts are written are also more thought out, to bring out somehow or to heighten the scene. Is it me or is today’s language and acting in the movies are somehow been watered down?

I love movies, well, because they are inspired by real life, those scriptwriters, directors, producers, actors, people who did the casting, chose the songs all bring rich life experiences of their own, enriching the movie, making each one unique and like no other ever made.

I especially liked movies that inspire one to think, to spur one on in life, to make an impact, to make people want to be a better man, so to speak. Then again, I love a good, clean movie that is just packed full of humor, in good doses and taste of course, which cracks me up and just gives my belly and lungs that rip roariously great time and exercise it needs.