it's a wrap!

just another manic monday…

Life’s Simple Pleasures

Lying on the couch, listening to the rythm of the raindrops falling, lulling me to sleep, waking up to the night, the streets glistening with the rain, reflecting the street lamps and headlights of the cars, everything seems sharper, clearer, brigther. The air smells crisp, cool.

Laughing till your stomach hurts at the littlest jokes.

Unexpectedly hearing the song you love to sing along to on the radio, while driving. (I did not say sing well…haha)

Having someone call you while you were dreaming about it!

Cuddling into your blanket, listening to the rain pouring outside, thankful to be indoors.

Talking on the phone till you know you’re blabbering and mumbling things that neither of you would probably remember and till your eyes close of their own accord.

Snuggling into a throw, with a cup of hot chocolate, and a good book, chilly wind wafting in throught the window.

Having conversations that make you think.

A great cup of coffee, freshly brewed.

Tasting great food.

When your boss says, Well done!

Getting out of the shower, feeling clean, wrapping yourself up in a warm cosy towel.

When you see the joy on a friend’s face at the unexpected surprise you gave.

Aha! Finding money in a pair of jeans that you’ve not worn for ages.

Laughing at yourself.

Having someone tuck you in to bed.

Watching the sunset.

When someone tells you they read every word of your email, even though every time, it’s a 500 word essay.

“Accidentally” hearing something great about yourself.

Having someone remember where you met the very first time.

Listening to a song that melts your heart which reminds you of someone that matters.

Being with an old friend that knows you so well, you can be completely yourself.

Inhaling the scent of the person you love.

Surrounded with your family, laughing, ribbing, kidding, debating on a topic of conversation.

Hearing the person you love tell you “I love you”.

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