it's a wrap!

just another manic monday…

Timing is everything

Scenario 1

Blearily I looked at the phone, you know the state when you just woke up and your eyes are mere slits, you can’t seem to focus on anything, much less read anything that’s on your mobile’s screen, your fingers do not coordinate with your brain to type out the code that is needed to unlock the phone, rigghtt, that’s where I was when I realized in the early morn that somebody had sent me a text.

Curiously I checked the details (because I would have to be dead asleep not to have heard it come in), it read 2.22am, and the date was 22/12/2009. Quite dead asleep then. Quite a lot of 2s too.

Lunch was had in the office due to tremendous workload, and so, I typed my reply to the above about 1pm and being a tad curious and impish, I left the reply till almost 2 plus and pressed “Send”. I had included that bit about the text that arrived early in the morn. The bit about the time and date.

Lo and behold, a text reply that said, “Your message also arrived on the 22/12/2009 at 2.22 but pm. ”

“Oh, wow,” I thought.  :O

I was quite speechless, because there is really no way that this could be planned, needless to say the recipient was duely awed as well.

Scenario 2

I am lost. In the big, wide world of …Putrajaya. The roads there were virtually devoid of human occupants. Well, there were cars, but I didn’t want to come across as a mad woman, thumping on people’s car windows.

I needed badly to ask for directions to my friend’s registration. That’s right, she was getting married!

In desperation, I stopped by a chauffeur’s and tapped on his window, the kind man, with a face that was gnarled like a walnut and tanned, kindly told me to go straight.

And straight I did go. Until a point when I realize that there didn’t appear to be more buildings after the traffic lights I was at. I was about to jump the set of yellow lights when a text message came in, my friend asking me how was the ROM so far.

I stopped at the traffic lights, was typing a reply to her, telling her I was lost when I happened to glance up and TA DA! The building I was looking for , on my right! Ooh! The timing. 😀

Gotta love it!

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