it's a wrap!

just another manic monday…

Imagine that baby. Now…

I walked out of the meeting room, almost smacked into the family of 5. I looked down and there was the tiniest of them crawling faster than a choo-choo train. He crawled and he crawled, he finally cleared that tall cabinet. He lifted his tiny concentrated-on-crawling face and looked.

And he saw a wooden paneled walkway of 100 metres ahead. It was a long, long way, even to me. Then this quirky baby just gave a tiny sigh and laid his tiny face and head straight onto the floor, as if to say, “Boy, is that a long way to go, let me take a little break.”

I saw that little boy crawl and I wonder how is it that babies can crawl and right themselves up to sit? So naturally, don’t they need to learn to reverse, back up and sit their behinds down? One of those mind-boggling matters.

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