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The soft bundle of fur slept peacefully in my arms, tired from her day of being handled, being picked up, looked at, displayed. I looked at her peaceful expression in the reflection of the glass window and felt the pain of a knife plunging into my heart. The little puppy had no idea that she was being sent back, she just felt safe in my arms. I relished the softness of her fur, her warm heart beating in a steady rhythm. I felt so wretched. I felt that I was betraying her trust.

When we reached the lady’s place, she woke up, staring around at the familiar surroundings, probably wondering what she was doing there. As the lady tried to collect her from me, she clung to me, her nails digging into my flesh, her eyes staring out questioningly and at that point in time, that pain was nothing compared to the one inside me.

Tears streaming down my face, I choked out, “She doesn’t want to go.”

Nonetheless, she was taken from me, a final stroke of the head, and I watched her being carried away. Would I ever see her again, I wondered? If not, I prayed for a better life for her. Goodbye little puppy, you brought so much joy into my life just by that few hours I spent with you.