it's a wrap!

just another manic monday…

Of sun bathing

Whoops, holiday’s over L

A day of brainstorming on Friday, getting up earlier than going to work is not really the best thing, I was grouchy for a bit as I had worked till quite late on Thursday. After that, I was alone for dinner. I wondered what to have, heroically tried looking for the shortcut that we came from, and promptly got lost among the hills of a village.

I called it a village for lack of a better word. A small town could describe it as well. It was a hilly area, surrounded by trees; little picturesque houses dotted the slopes, with small narrow lanes winding through the sides. It was balmy evening and there were youngsters playing soccer in the public playground, families were going out for the evening meal together. There were restaurants in chock a block amidst the houses. It was not surprising to suddenly come across a Chinese eatery or two in the middle of a row of houses.

Well, I gave up in the end because I kept going around in circles and all I did was end up among the trees, narrow lanes and residential area all over. Now I know how it feels to be lost in the woods! It’s rather frustrating.

I wondered what to have for dinner. I debated with myself whether I should have chicken rice or pack something soup-y back or indulge and get some fast food. Nothing seemed to appeal to me. Curiously, the idea of tuna and crackers popped into mind. So I stopped at a supermarket on the way back. I felt restless and aimless. So I walked to get some seaweed snacks to go with my “meal”.

I went home and settled down to finish up the Cantonese series I was watching. It’s one of those rare days when my sister was around too. It was a total veg-out night, and a very good, sound sleep! 🙂

I was quite reluctant to wake up in the morning. My sister decided to be healthy all of a sudden and poke and prodded me to go swimming or jogging. Jogging? In the parking lot? What enthusiasm…nope, I am not doing that! 😛

And so…the story went on to say that we went swimming, at noon. It was not a very hot day, the sun was mellow. After slathering on sun block we went down, dunked ourselves under the cold shower and my sister walked with purpose into the water. I dipped my feet into the water, it was cold!

My sister started swimming her laps, and reluctant to get in, I dangled my legs in the water, sitting on the sun warmed slabs of stone beside the pool. The stone was warm! Experimentally, I took my legs out of the water and stretched it out on the stones, hey, feels nice. Gingerly I inched myself down onto the stones, ahh…feels good on my back, but the sun was shining in my face! Flipped over, much better… I finally understood the lure and pleasures of sun-bathing.

That experiment lasted for all of 10 minutes. Hey, it is a noon day sun! 🙂

Plopped into the water and lazily swam a dozen laps.

My sister’s other half got a craving for McDonalds’ triple Decker, 3 pieces of meat and 3 pieces of cheese. I had a different kind of sun bathing then. I stood under the hot sun going yackety-yak a mile a minute. After which I decided I wanted chicken rice for lunch, packed it and went home, to study!

I am getting on. I am…just a few more chapters to go. As of now, I only have the last chapter left and the appendixes. As for how much I can remember of those I read, well, I hope it is not an entire waste of my time.

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