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Yes, I am outdated as far as the latest movies are concerned. Am I disturbed by it? Well, not really I guess. Life for me has other aspects.

Where were we again? Right, Avatar. I watched the movie on Blu Ray with surround sound. Don’t think it gets any better than that outside the cinema *grins 😀

As a student of 3D before, I would have to say I am blown away by the amazing CGIs I saw in the movie. The purplish blue soft crest in front of the rhinoceros like creature, to the flowers that shrinks like the mimosa plant upon touch, to the ground that changes colour when one steps on it from pink to blue to purple, to the sparkling deep blue sea with corals that are reflective, to the tress that are alight with fairy lights. I love the raucous birds they rode, every one of those creatures is more magnificent than the peacock in its colours. Every shades of the colour palette possible. Lovely.

The creativity and attention to detail down to the most miniscule flower seed was given a sparkling twist.

When I first saw Dr. Grace Augustine, I opened my mouth and said, “Hey is that…” and before I could complete my question, there was an answer, “Yes.” 

Surprised, I turned and ask, “Yes what?”

“Yes to the question you were going to ask.”

*And by now, I mildly irritated and very interested to know if it was really that goosebumpy. 

“Well, what was I going to ask then?”

*Eyes rolling, “You were going to ask if that is Sigourney Weaver.”

“Stop reading my mind!”

Shiatz…is it mind-reading or am I predictable? I am flabbergasted.

Actually it’s really unerving when somebody could read you so well, they know what you’re going to say before you say it, know how you’re feeling just by the way you say hello over the phone and finishes off your thoughts for you.

Some heart

I chanced upon a blog post by a friend about Iron Man, 2008. I’ve always held a soft spot for this movie. But I have always brushed it aside as sentimentalism, or so I thought.

Maybe sometimes, you chance upon things, sometimes a movie, sometimes the lyrics of a song or the lilting melody of a tune, even writings that resonate with your heart and thoughts and this strikes a chord so deep that it makes its mark. You never forget it.

 This friend wrote about Tony Stark @ Iron Man, who was to the world a harsh, handsome, heartless, rich, arrogant heart breaking rogue, who has everything he wants, booze, women, even the government has to sing to his tune because he holds them by their necks. It figures, he supplies their fire arms after all, their defense mechanism. He says what he wants when he wants, does things without seeming to care for other people in the least, shows up at his time and is just a real pain in the ass neck.

And then, he stumbled, he messed up. Ah ha! But he got up again, he came back!

But changed, changed is our Mr. Arrogance, on the inside. Maybe the word change is not fully appropriate, awakened would be a better choice. Something in him, during that encounter with a man who sacrificed himself to save his life, coupled with his brush with death, made him see the world, not from his pedestal, but from the real world, ground level.

The real world who suffered at his hands, the real world who shared the after effects of the weapons he made, the real world that stood and watched their family die in the bomb explosions, the real world that lose their limbs when firearms are fired at them.

Underneath his seemingly heartless exterior, he was still human. The only time he lets his guard down was in the sanctuary of his own home. The only time he feels that he doesn’t need to perform or meet people’s expectations. He seemed confident on the outside, invincible, great at his job, successful, great, can do no wrong. One mistake, that is all it takes and people will remember his mistake and cast it up to his face for all times.

“I can confidently say that they are usually a different person in the confines of their home. A place they can just be themselves. These people have such a big heart for others to the stage that people even doubt the existence of their heart. They often portray themselves as emotionless beings for the sake of others. To be the source of hope and encouragement to those around.” –Isaac Lee

Do we see underneath it all? Do we see his heart? The fragility of his human heart is just like everybody else’s. Do I see that part of it?

When he came back, his assistant Ms. Pepper Potts (Am I the only one who finds it odd that her name’s Pepper?) greeted him. This must be the only superhero movie that only hints at a romance. Her expression portrays her emotions at Tony’s awakening. It was as if she saw that part that was dormant in him, was frustrated that he chose to ignore it and be the cool guy. But now, now he acknowledges it and embraces it.

 But to Tony, it was as if he was only now realizing her beauty and the way she captivated him.

Will one fully understand what was going through Pepper’s mind all those years? Or Tony’s blindness? Will the audience criticize Pepper? I’m sure. But unless one goes through what she went through, can we be a worthy judge?

I’m thinking not.

Rather great trump

A promise fulfilled after 4 years. It feels a little odd to be released from a nagging thought that something is still owed. Is everything over? Or is this just a new beginning…

My birthday just passed. My sisters had celebrated it earlier by taking me to the zoo. Ahh, finally somebody entertained my plea to go to the zoo. I had wanted to go there like since…since…I can’t even remember when. It seems they just upgraded the place and it does not stink now. Ha! Except in certain places, traces of it come along when the wind chooses to blow it in our direction, but other than that, it was relatively pleasant. The place was much, much cleaner than I remembered. The animals look better taken care of too. Of course, it cost much more now. But I am glad that they put that money to good use at least.

Maybe it’s the heat, I got into a really trigger happy mode, hogging the camera to take photos of almost everything and anything. I tell you, I believe that most of those animals love the camera. The bears started coming out, and believe it or not, look really as if they were posing for the camera! One started swinging around on the old rubber tyre in its pen, while its mate playfully swiped at him.

And monkeys, one of them posed kung fu style for the onlookers who were just too eager to snap him. Raccoons are super at begging for food, not much of a model, they move so much that, all the camera managed to snap were faceless blurs.

There was grassland which was nick named the Savannah, there were ostriches, zebras, giraffes and some antelope like animals running loose there. It was pretty frustrating as the camera was a point and shoot and the zoom was limited, I can’t get a good shot of the giraffes, lucky for me, the zebras chose to come grazing near the wooden fence, I managed to play a lil’ bit of hide and seek and snap some shots. I’m telling you, zebras got good asses’ ahemm behinds…really!

And a pleasant surprise was on the last leg, where the elephants were, they were so close, like it could use its trunk to bang, hit-me-off-the-fence-close. And the giraffes, and the giraffes! They were so close I could see their sweepy looooong eyelashes. Actually all of them look feminine, even the males. Maybe it’s the eyelashes that make them look so endearing. How do they manage to look so graceful, and not a total klutz, tripping all over the place like me if I had their long legs, and necks?

The most rip-roaring one I saw of the day was of the tiger. I have never seen a more pissed of cat. It was roaring and attracting a lot of the zoo visitors. People stood around its enclosure, staring at it in fascination. Now that seemed to piss him off all the more. He roared and roared and frustrated, jumped into the moat like stretch of water and started swimming, all the while roaring. And then, the best part, he swam menacingly toward the group of people, and it was hysterical when the people shrank away in horror. Obviously satisfied, it climbed up onto dry land, shook itself and proceeded to pace. Maybe it’s hunger. Take heed, never, ever mess with anything hungry, least of all a tiger.

The day ended with a dinner and blowing some birthday candles, we picked 3 types of cheesecakes and 1 tiramisu. Ha! Big eaters, that we are. Except we were not so ambitious, they were all single slices. Muahaha…gotcha!

The actual day was like any other working day. Except for S, nobody in the office knew of it, so when I walked into the office, I got a quiet “Happy Birthday” and a book from her. It happened to be the launch of the new office and a town meeting happening on the same day. It was interesting to attend the town meeting.

We met the International CEO who is attending his last town meeting because he has decided to retire. There was a tribute to him, and I thought about how he must be feeling nostalgic. I think it’s only normal because I would feel like I’m letting a child go, not unlike a mother watching her 20 year old son walk into the university campus. He did not make any touching speeches, but I was amused by some of the quotes mentioned in the tribute. “A good CEO knows when to go”.

And so, I spent the afternoon, being inspired. Dinner was with 2 dear aunties at Delicious. They are actually very sweet to me. I was surprised they remembered my birthday and took the effort to take me out for dinner. I had a jolly good time chatting with them, their wit and humor always makes for a sparkly conversation. We ordered so much food! Eggplant spaghetti and a pesto one, a Caesar Salad, a Mango crab meat Salad which reminds me of kerabu and breaded chicken sticks! Aunty Longchamp was trying to discourage Aunty Prada from ordering so much, but to no avail because order she did, and I ended up taking the pesto and some chicken sticks home. My sister got a treat the next day! Plus, they said I had to have a cake since it’s the actual day. So they got me a petite coconut cake and I blew the candles and made a wish and finish up the cake we did.

The next day, I was due to meet up with some of my school mates way back into primary and secondary type, yeap, those. After many emails flying around, we decided on a quiet place in a residential neighborhood. It was not so quiet after we arrived. The 4 of us had a jolly great time, yakking about our lives and well, other people’s lives get thrown into the whirlpool soup of things we were talking about, we were laughing a mile a minute and it was jolly good fun. I think I got to apologize to those who were victims of the night, but I just can’t remember all of them. Ha! And another cake 2 actually, a brownie to blow the candle, and make a wish with and a pavlova for dessert. It was such a late night; I was really suffering the next day.

I ended up ditching my friend whom I was supposed to have dinner with to the next day. I went home and, would you believe it, prepared breakfast for my sisters for tomorrow, healthy bread with grilled pork slices, dipped in honey mustard with a slice of cheese to boot, fresh greenish leaf-ys with some baby tomatoes. I even added a side of roasted baby potatoes with olive oil and oregano. All I had for dinner was half a carton of yogurt, which tasted awfully like gelato except that it’s sour and some fish crackers.

Dinner was very satisfactory the next day. Picked my good friend up on the way, we had Japanese for dinner at a quiet place. It was great to know about the progress of her business. We caught up and she lectured me about certain things. Well, her words sway me, but I’m still anchored my conviction at this moment.

And so, although her thoughts and words made me think and got me down, but I could hardly tell her about my own thoughts and convictions because it was unexplainable, it was definitely illogical. It does not make sense. It must’ve been the millionth time I ask God what the hell is going on here. What is inside my head? Did You accidentally give me cotton wool instead of some brain cells where this area is concerned? But something held me back, this was too sacred to me, I cannot share this. I know the areas that I’m not prepared in, and the situations that needed to be made right before things could move. I know. And all I could pray and plead to Him was that He makes a way and from there to after.

And so, the next day brought new discoveries, a breathtaking skyline, a promise kept and another birthday celebration. In all my years on earth, I believe this year’s birthday is the most celebrated one. Honestly, I feel so loved and honored because I have got friends and more who love me, to cherish and love me just a little bit more. It’s been a week of celebrations! And I got another coming…nice, this year is very nice…every year is special, but this year’s definitely hard to trump.