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Some heart

I chanced upon a blog post by a friend about Iron Man, 2008. I’ve always held a soft spot for this movie. But I have always brushed it aside as sentimentalism, or so I thought.

Maybe sometimes, you chance upon things, sometimes a movie, sometimes the lyrics of a song or the lilting melody of a tune, even writings that resonate with your heart and thoughts and this strikes a chord so deep that it makes its mark. You never forget it.

 This friend wrote about Tony Stark @ Iron Man, who was to the world a harsh, handsome, heartless, rich, arrogant heart breaking rogue, who has everything he wants, booze, women, even the government has to sing to his tune because he holds them by their necks. It figures, he supplies their fire arms after all, their defense mechanism. He says what he wants when he wants, does things without seeming to care for other people in the least, shows up at his time and is just a real pain in the ass neck.

And then, he stumbled, he messed up. Ah ha! But he got up again, he came back!

But changed, changed is our Mr. Arrogance, on the inside. Maybe the word change is not fully appropriate, awakened would be a better choice. Something in him, during that encounter with a man who sacrificed himself to save his life, coupled with his brush with death, made him see the world, not from his pedestal, but from the real world, ground level.

The real world who suffered at his hands, the real world who shared the after effects of the weapons he made, the real world that stood and watched their family die in the bomb explosions, the real world that lose their limbs when firearms are fired at them.

Underneath his seemingly heartless exterior, he was still human. The only time he lets his guard down was in the sanctuary of his own home. The only time he feels that he doesn’t need to perform or meet people’s expectations. He seemed confident on the outside, invincible, great at his job, successful, great, can do no wrong. One mistake, that is all it takes and people will remember his mistake and cast it up to his face for all times.

“I can confidently say that they are usually a different person in the confines of their home. A place they can just be themselves. These people have such a big heart for others to the stage that people even doubt the existence of their heart. They often portray themselves as emotionless beings for the sake of others. To be the source of hope and encouragement to those around.” –Isaac Lee

Do we see underneath it all? Do we see his heart? The fragility of his human heart is just like everybody else’s. Do I see that part of it?

When he came back, his assistant Ms. Pepper Potts (Am I the only one who finds it odd that her name’s Pepper?) greeted him. This must be the only superhero movie that only hints at a romance. Her expression portrays her emotions at Tony’s awakening. It was as if she saw that part that was dormant in him, was frustrated that he chose to ignore it and be the cool guy. But now, now he acknowledges it and embraces it.

 But to Tony, it was as if he was only now realizing her beauty and the way she captivated him.

Will one fully understand what was going through Pepper’s mind all those years? Or Tony’s blindness? Will the audience criticize Pepper? I’m sure. But unless one goes through what she went through, can we be a worthy judge?

I’m thinking not.

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