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just another manic monday…

Sister and I were walking in the mall and decided to catch a movie. I felt like watching a romantic comedy. But she deems action movies are more money-worthy. So it was between “Red” and “Takers”. I vaguely remembered a friend say she wanted to watch “Red”, so that translates to a plus here. She picked “Red” anyhow.

I looked at the cast list and was reassured, Bruce Willis and Morgan Freeman. The movie can’t be that bad. In fact, in my limited scope of movies, I have never come across a movie that is action, keeps me guessing, and has romance and comedy all in one like Red. I like it, I like it a hell of a lot.

1)       I am awed by the scene where Frank (Willis) gets out of a spinning car, walks, in the nick of time, and the tail end of the spinning car misses his legs, he puts a few bullets into the black 4 wheel drive chasing him! (I think my mouth dropped in an “O” there for a bit.) He calmly gets into the car and drives off.

2)       Sarah (Parker) tells Frank (Willis) that this was not how she wanted their first date to be, and she was hoping he had hair. He smiled wryly and said, sorry. Can you believe it?

3)       Frank (Willis) holding Cooper (Urban) in an arm twist asking him if Kosentky trained him and he said yes, Frank response to that was, “I trained Kosentky.”

4)       Frank (Willis) went into the dungeons CIA Archive to get a file from Henry (Borgnine), the Records Keeper, who was delighted to see him again. Henry (Borgnine) telling him that a young punk was looking at his file yesterday, Frank (Willis) describes, “6’1, cute hair?”, Henry, “Ahh, hair’s kinda cute.”

The movie started with Bruce Willis waking up to his day. That struck a chord with me. I don’t wish that on anyone least of all… He actually looks pretty good for his age, better than a lot of youngsters in their 20s actually. Well, he seemed pretty adapted to his life, keeps his distance from a lot of people, quiet, routine. But, he seems lonely. His highlight of the day was to pick up the phone and call this girl working in Social Securities to chat. Pretty sad, I wished he would just get up the courage and ask her out properly, which he actually did, eventually.

Action picks up soon after with a serious attempt at assassination aimed at Willis. Willis shows up at Parker’s house to get her to run for her life. Obviously like any sane person, she refuses. The scene changes and focuses on Willis driving and apologizing for their first meeting. And then the camera pans to Parker, tied and gagged, cursing and mumbling beneath the gag. I almost dropped out of my seat laughing at that.

Next up, nursing home and Morgan Freeman the cool as a cucumber retired agent. He was the most level headed of the bunch and the person who’s always one step ahead of everybody. I thought in that one scene where they wanted to assassinate him in his nursing home and he resignedly bowed his head, that it was so unfair, that was the end of him, already? Unfair! Ah ha! Surprise, surprise, in the playback of that scene, like I said, being one step ahead of everyone, he had a gun in his hand and was quick to shoot the baddie. Yay!

Marvin, Marvin (Malkovich), he looks like a senile old guy, but it turns out, his wackiness just gets in the way of him expressing his observations adn perception. He is one hell of an observant guy and a great shot. “Old man” and “No respect”, great lines in a really huge blasting scene!

Victoria (Helen Mirren), sweet old lady in English styled home named Eagle’s Nest. I remarked that it all seemed so “civilized” when the scene started, all English China and afternoon tea laid out. She’s got this dry sense of humor, heart of gold where her friends are concerned and a restlessness which she calms by taking the odd job on the side. Loved the scene where she smacked one of the guards with her clutch, slips into combat boots and calmly fires machine guns. She is so cool and elegant, gotta give that to her!

Helen Mirren: “Me, not the queen, Bruce Willis, evening dress, machine gun. Gotta do it.”

The average age of this veteran cast must be at least 60. But yet, it is one of the best movies I have seen all year and that is saying something. It’s a little bit of the maturity, a little bit of the experience of the cast, a little bit of the professionalism that the cast brings to the film, a little bit of Bruce Willis’s charm, a little bit of Parker’s sweetness, a little bit of Malkovich’s wackiness, a little bit of Mirren’s tough yet still a lady’s elegance, a little bit of Borgnine’s delightedness, a little bit of Freeman’s wit, a little bit of Urban’s awakening, cute dark hair, a little bit of Robert Schwentke’s directorship, all added up into a cast iron pot of gold. It keeps you thinking, laughing and engages you. What more can one want from a Sunday afternoon at the movies? Perfect.

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