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Wedding Dreams

Most little girls dream of weddings. Maybe it’s all those Disney fairy tales we’ve watched growing up. I’m sure some boys watch these stuff too. But I’m dead sure they don’t have all these fantasies and play acting of marriage with their peers. Galactica wars maybe. Most anyway. Those poor fellas who do, are most probably roped in by their girl-friends, I betcha! 🙂
So why does this inate desire show up so strongly in little girls?
Well, I think girls are made like that. I have a girl-friend who gave a memorable answer when she was asked, “What dreams do you have when you were a little girl?”
She answered, “I dreamt of getting married.”
In essence, she was saying she dreams of a home, with a husband and kids.
Maybe not every woman’s dream in this current world.Some women were disillusioned by men, some just couldn’t find one they want to spend the rest of their lives with, some just don’t get married.

So should I just go out and grab one, like now? 😀

I dream of getting married too, literally. As far as I remember I have always dreamt of marriage, off and on.

And every time in those dreams, I was either regretting agreeing to marry the guy, thinking of backing out few days before the marriage, or dreading the day.

I don’t think there were specifically any theme to these dreams. It could be an arranged marriage, it could be I like someone else but I am marrying another, it could be I’m obliging the person by agreeing to the marriage? Bizarre, huh? I know.

I guess the underlying current of those fears will be: That I am terrified, terrified of marrying a person who’s inappropriate for me, and having to spend the rest of my life with him.

The only time I dreamt without those fears and woke up not feeling distressed was a few weeks ago. I was newly wed, and my husband was a busy man. But that feeling of peace and surety amidst the chaos was so calming, so precious and priceless.  

Now I have an inkling of how it feels to be married to someone that you REALLY want to spend the rest of your life with, and I hope I will.


  Cow wrote @

Awww… Me be your flower girl, can? I know I’m oversized, but… Nyahahahaha…
It’s weird cuz I never have dreams of weddings, but I do wanna get married.

  ashleewong wrote @

and you will, if you desire it 🙂 err…you’re over the age limit to be a flower girl, brown cow…well, in my case, it’s more nightmares than dreams, ha! I always wake up with my heart pounding and glad it’s not reality! Except for the last one…

  Cow wrote @

LOL! Got age limit for flower girls one meh? XD I am just being a nuisance.
Tehehehehe… Nightmares? Like wedding dress torn? Spilled with red wine?

  ashleewong wrote @

Yeap, age limit’s put to about 5 years old, after which, little girls got too many opinions and demands. Haha!! Weddign dresses torn and spilled with wine are hiccups-marrying the wrong person is a nightmare that continues…forever…*shudders*

  Cow wrote @

LOL! Yes, nightmares of such, that’s why we girls, must keep our eyes WIDE OPEN so we don’t stumble and fall into the pit and suffer long long…

Father, may you grant Wolfie’s desires and cause her to be wise, loving and beautiful ALL the days of her life.

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