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just another manic monday…

To bolt or not to bolt

 This is me, at this moment. I feel like bolting away… far, far away.

I was swimming laps yesterday and thinking. I was washing something and thinking. I was on the way to the washroom and thinking. It’s been like this some days recently. I will anticipate with eagerness for the future to arrive, like a little child awaiting Christmas, with all the presents, lights, carols and candies.

The next minute, I will be dreading what’s coming. I look around for the nearest exit. I am lookong for a car or a flight to take me away.

 Then, I could almost hear the Father laughing, catching ahold of me as I was bolting…

“Noooo…!” (me!)

“No, you don’t child.” (Him)

And He sets me right in front of Him, looking into the horizon. I held on for dear life.

 And He laughingly says to me, “After months and months and years of your pleas and petitions ringing in my ears, when I give in to you, you bolt?”

“Yeah,” I thought, “Of course I bolt, this is scary! What if it’s not what I want or ask for? What if it doesn’t turn out the way I had envision it? What if it’s 7% off base? What if, nothing happens?”

And ever gracious, He who has the patience to bear all the nonsensical people like me, says, “No way, have a little faith, child, you’ll stay here and watch, with Me.”

And, with due anticipation, I do. Once again, I hope, oh how I hope.

On an unrelated note, I was searching for pictures picturing the emotions I felt. Out of those many pictures with the tag “Anticipation”, most are of brides.


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