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I had thought that this year I would not be going for a visit. Times like these, I love to be proved wrong. 🙂

 Yachts in a row. I have never been there in winter, but the weather was bearable. All I needed was a shawl and I’m good to walk the streets.

However, just to be impish, I wore a red turtleneck one day and sweaters with a shawl or scarf wrapped aroudn my neck for the few days I was there. Comes in handy though, because the air conditioning in the buildings were so cold! My colleague asked me what on earth I wore in that manner for when it wasn’t even cold.

“Because I can’t wear things like these in Malaysia!” I answered.

It’s true, can’t very well wear all these thick-ish material here, provided you stay in an air conditioned building ALL the time. Well, there you have your answer.

 The streets and buildings stand tall and chilly against the landscape.

Buildings are built in such a manner to reaaallly maximise space. And the street names are translated into Chinese characters and they have got codes behind. I like their system, the postmans are not likely to have problems locating a destination.

The famous ship with the red sails of Hong Kong Shanghai Bank fame. It makes for a great photo opportunity sailing majestically by amidst a backdrop of lights. Reminds one of the folklores of pirate ships and heroic characters travelling at sea. 

I had a photo of it when it was dusk, taken on an earlier trip and it looks enchanting.

Christmas in Hong Kong


The weekend has just had too much crammed into it for me to grasp. It’s over and I’m still stuck somewhere back there in the middle of it all.

I am no use today except for doing memial jobs that don’t make me use my brains too much. I’m just too dazed.

Best make an early day of it tomorrow.

Going back

Going back to a familiar place.

It’s interesting when I realize that one spends most of one’s life, waiting or in anticipation of what’s coming.

We start waiting even before we were conceived. As an ovum, we wait in our mother’s ovary for the time when we are ripe to flow down into the womb, and then we wait for the right match to come and start the process which we call, conception.

After we’re conceived, we wait 9 months to be born. In the process, we’re prepared, our hands and feet are crafted, our eyes, nose and mouth is molded, our hair grows and flesh appears underneath skin and bones.

Righto, 9 months roll around, we come out, and given a smack on our behinds, wailing and screaming into the world. We wait, for the nurses to wheel us in to our mummies to be fed, we wait for the nurses to change our diapers, and we wait for the doctors to pronounce mother and child a clean bill of health and we go home.

A newborn tries his hardest to roll, waits for his back and neck to grow strong, and heave ho! Hey, I’m on my little tummy. Just wait…ahh, now my arms and legs grow stronger, wait a little longer, look I’m crawling! A little while more, a little, a little, and presto! I’m toddling around, wheee…and I move to running! Ha! Chase me if you can, daddy!

As a toddler, we want to grow faster just to be able to attend school, well, kindergarten and have friends. When we are there, we enjoy ourselves, without realizing it, time flies by and we’re in primary school. We play act, we love to put on mummy’s high heels and lipstick. We just can’t wait to grow up so that we can doll ourselves up.

Without realizing it, we’ve stepped into our teens. Our bodies start to change, we get clique-ish, we watch teen movies, and listen to teeny bopper songs. We can’t wait to grow up and go to university and college to party the days away. To us, that is when we really grow up. We dream about meeting our prince charming and studying in the library, going on milkshake dates and late night movies.

And then, we’re there, in college, we’re living what we dreamed. Only, we can’t wait for it to end because we can’t wait to go out and start working, earning our own money…

(to be continued…)