it's a wrap!

just another manic monday…


Fulfilled. Not in the exact sequence which the dream played out. But I had a jolly good time. My post in 11.11.2010 entitled “Dreams” mentioned that part of the dream about a certain friend’s wedding being fulffilled when he invited me for it.

As my heart quicken at the remembrance that there was a 2nd part to the dream, I had wondered if it will be fulfilled as well. The mellow yellow sun, smell of fresh cut green grass, a tent and poles, circular stairs, and interesting company.

 Reality didn’t turn out quite like the dream.

I only attended the wedding reception in the evening. As it was a week to Christmas, the hotel was lavish with decorations, they even had a log cabin erected complete with snow, twinkling lights and a residential snowman. The only thing similar was the company I attended the occasion with.

I must say I thoroughly enjoyed myself. It’s no fun attending a wedding alone if you only know half of the couple getting hitched and nobody else! I’m glad I didn’t.

There are times when one thinks about life and wonder how on earth everything fell into place and fits like the pieces of a jigzaw puzzle.

Was I in any way influenced by the dream that I had? Or was the dream really an indication of what was to come?

But it was definitely aided and abetted with opening one’s mouth to ask. So, was I taking things into my own hands or the opportunity presented itself?

The key thing here is, I acted, I opened my mouth and I asked. Ask and you shall be given. Knock and you shall find. Seek and you shall receive.

Waiting and Acting. It’s like balancing a pair of scales, trying to keep it in mid-air. You can’t even place a nanogram worth more on either side less it tips! At times, I feel like I’m walking on tiptoes in the middle of a high wall and balancing scales. Other, I rage from one end of the scales to another, alternating between the deepest despair and reassuring hope, plunging into the depths of the valley and soaring into the bright blue sky.

Life’s like that. A balance. When will you know when to wait at the cliff and when to take the plunge? It would help if you listen to the still small voice within you. It pays to heed it. I can testify to it. The safeguarding voice of someone who cares deeply, who tells you when to spread your wings, close your eyes, step off the cliff into thin air and soar!

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