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I have been hooked on CSI for the longest time. I used to love the original Las Vegas series, with Grissom then came New York. As the seasons progressed, I grew to like the characters Mac Taylor (Gary Sinise) and Stella Bonasera (Melina Kanakarades) all the more. I love it when Stella speaks or exclaims, lapsing into Greek to express herself. There was this episode where she was having coffee with Mac outdoors. They just bought it and walked outdoors talking, sat down, she shook her packet of sugar, and “Plop”. Something fell from above, and the camera’s angle panned up to show a huge bird circling. She exclaimed “Yuck” then looking into her coffee cup, lapsed into Greek, I caught the word “caffe” something. But her expression was really funny. Incidentally, the thing that fell into her cup was not faeces, it was an eye. How’s that for bizarre?
I’m watching Season 5 of NY now. Lindsay (Anna Belknap)’s pregnant with Danny (Carmine Giovinazzo)’s child.
I’ve always thought that Danny will marry Lindsay because she’s pregnant. And he did ask her. But he asked her with a slight trace of hesitation. If I as an observer felt it, I’m sure Lindsay felt it all the more.
After that , she actually looked at him wih compassion, put a reassuring hand on him and said “No”. Felt he was asking her for the wrong reasons. And I couldn’t help but be amazed at her restraint. If I had been as much in love with Danny as she was, I would’ve been tempted to say “yes”, whatever the reason that was prompting him to ask for her hand. It was interesting to see the part of her where she was patient enough to let him have his time to work through his issues.
She said to him, “Wouldn’t you rather walk down the aisle then be pushed?”
I laughed. I did. The mental picture was just too much.
In following episodes, Lindsay seemed to have put this issue to rest for a season while Danny struggles to come to terms with his insecurities, to an answer that gives him peace.
When he went to speak to Mac about a case, he inadvertently got distracted when he saw Lindsay crossing. Sharp as ever Mac caught him in the act and reassures him that Lindsay will be back from her short break before he knows it.
Danny lets his demeanour slip and his frustration was evident when he told Mac he asked Lindsay to marry him but she said no, because she thinks that he is asking her to marry him because she was pregnant.
Mac says, “Are you?”
Danny says he doesn’t know, he’s so afraid of disappointing her and the kid.
Mac told him that he had these fears with his wife, Claire. He was also afraid that he couldn’t live up to her expectations. He was never in a hurry to have children with her, and now, when she had passed away, he regrets. He told Danny that he believed that God had brought Lindsay and him together and that they were blessed to have a child, that Danny could either continue living in that place of fear or he could choose to believe in the best version of himself.
It seemed that the talk cleared up some doubts and answered some questions for Danny, he stood up looking much more determined and at peace with himself.
Mac told him moments before he left, “You’ll make a good father.”

This little peek into the personal lives of the on-screen characters gave me a new insight into the interaction between two beings.
I’ve never really given much thought into the workings of the mind of the other gender. Never knew that they too could be plagued with insecurities and fears like these, albeit a different kind from my own.
I guess valor and honour really weighs heavier on them. It takes courage to be able to accept the consequences that comes when one nods to accept the challenge.
For worse or better, for richer or poorer, in sickness and in health.
Now, that holds a lot of weight.

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