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My Best Friend’s Wedding

One of my favourite shows, one of her favourite shows. And my best friend (literally) is getting married!
I’ve known the woman from when she was a girl. Since we were tiny tots of 7 to be exact.
That is 2 decades worth of friendship!
15th of January: We were on a way to a friend’s wedding dinner, haevy traffice along Jalan Ampang and I was casually throwing ideas at her where to hold HER wedding dinner. It was all a casual conversation and she wasn’t even taking me seriously.
Exactly one month later, 14th of February, she called me to tell me her boyfriend’s just proposed! Ahh, the pleasure of the unexpected.
Now she is one of those gems of a friend that defines the meaning of “friend” and makes life great! We could be talking about a certain subject and she can correctly interprete my thoughts when I lapse in conversation, rightttt, when I’m silent! It’s hard to describe the level of ease with which we interact. A sense of mutual understanding about how we deal with things. I know it’s cliche. But I am able to completely be myself with her, no defense mechanism, no reservations whatsoever. And that, my friend is what I call the best of friends.
She gets invitations to quite a few weddings and I teased her about it, says that her 人运好. She attracts people! I am not totally joking about it though. I have always thought that this is one of her best character traits.
Since young, she’s been a favourite of teachers and students alike. She’s naturally gregarious, and people simply liked her company very much. She’s the fiercest defender of those close to her. I appreciate her, very much.
We don’t see each other as often as I would’ve like. Her workload, my workload. But when we do, the friendship picks up right where we left off. No distance, no gaps, no lapse. It’s amazing how that is, makes me value the friendship even more. It’s true that you don’t need a lot of friends, only a few good ones.
I’ve had the pleasure of interacting with her fiance on some occasions and I learn why she fell in love with him. They compliment each other very well. Both quick, witty, generous hearted and totally loves a good laugh!
I’m honoured to be her friend. And her fiance’s got a heck of a good deal in this wife! 🙂

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