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just another manic monday…

You know when you just know something will be good? And you’re right about it, only much later.
You know when you know something is good and it’s not happening, but you know it’ll be damn good once it happens?
Non comprehendo? Let me try to illustrate.
Many, many years ago, as a child, I knew that I could be good friends with that girl, let’s call her S. She was pretty popular among, just about everybody. Most little girls want to play with her, hop-scotch, skipping ropes, marbles and rice bags. We share most classes together but I was never in her inner circle.
But I knew if we became friends, really friends, we’ll make a good duo.
Into secondary school we go, and we get “houses” that we belong to. The school was trying to forge team spirits in us. Not quite in the Harry Potter league of Gryffindor but I daresay we did cultivate a certain among of loyalty to our various houses. Colors and names belong to these “houses”. Yellow to Nightingale, Blue to Crossby, Green to Victoria and Red to Cavell. We both ran for Nightingale. 4×4 relay.
Can’t believe I used to run? Well, yes, I did. And if memory serves me right, we got a gold medal for it.

We hang out, I enjoy my time with her. She retained her popularity with the teachers and students alike. She was the class monitor and total bad-ass one if ever there was.
After she went to college and I stayed on in 6th form. We lost touch a little bit then. We “found” our friendship back when I first started coming to the city to look my sister up and thereafter look for a job.
Well, cliche as it sounds, our friendship grew from there. And honestly, now I can proudly call her my best friend.

And now back to the question of how a tiny tot knew “deep thoughts” like, I know I could be great friends with this little girl right here. Call it intuition, call it a hunch, call it an impression on me, I just do. And this kind of “knowledge” if it could be termed as such, can’t be shaken. Which is irritating in an un-shake-able-y annoying way.
Because it is not just a feeling, you see, I really do know. And that almost makes it a fact, except that it has not happened yet.
Then, 20 years down the road, we’re firm friends, still laughing irrevently whenever and wherever. Told you we’d be a good duo. 😉
And I have the honor now, to be her maid of honor.

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Wheeee…. Pwetty pweety!!

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