it's a wrap!

just another manic monday…


Stuck in the early morn at the traffic lights, bordered by orange colored barriers, lining off the construction being done on both sides of me. I felt like I was in an orangey coocoon.
For no reason at all, i held up my hands and stared at my fingers and the fine lines on them.
The realization that the patterns on fingers of the right and left hand are mirror images of each other came like a crashing lightning bolt of realization.
With it came the slight sliding of my car. So engrossed was I with my face stuck in my hands that I almost didn’t realize that I was about to bang into the car in front of me!
The split second before I did, a man walking past, dressed in the orange and neon green colored vest, thumped on my car and jolted me out of my reverie.
Thank God for reflexes. My reflex was to slam down on my brakes. Leaving a breathing space of a squirrel between the chocolate colored car in front of me and my dear turqoise carriage. Who was the guy who thumped on my car and walked off? I didn’t even get a look at his face. But he gets a really heartfelt thank you going out to him right here.
So, thank you, orange neon green colored vest guy who thumped on my car just in the nick of time!

Narrow escape. Small mercies. Thankful chica.

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A moment of synchronicity…

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