it's a wrap!

just another manic monday…

Cotton Wool

Not the nice pink cotton candy fluff one finds in the rainbow colored carnivals, those speaks of excitement, flashing strobes and merry-go-round with the clowns and rickety ferris wheels thrown in for good measure. The feets of excited children shuffling and scuffing on the sand filled grounds kick up puffs of dust around the feets thronging the place. Bursts of laughter and shouts of glee floated in the glowing atmosphere.
Nope, not that picture.
Stark white cotton wool wrapped in it’s indigo paper, resting on the shelves of an hospital emergency room. Clean, sterile.
that is what my head’s stuck with. Absolutely filled with the stuff. Cannot think properly. Cannot not sniffle. Thrown in for free, a good doze of sneezes, and THEN the nose starts running, eyes get watery.
Cannot think.
Cotton wool.

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