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Battle of the Two Sides

It is very difficult to appreciate and write thanksgiving notions to the very person you’re pissed off with.
I do not think that I ever had to do this in my entire life and this is one of those times when the task test my patience and stretch me to the maximum.
How do you write thank you for the caring actions of a person when you do not feel thankful at all right now?
How do you feel cherished when you feel like you’re a lampost at the side of the road whom everybody ignores?
How do you write thank you for making the effort when you do not see the person doing it NOW?
How do you patiently make plans when the other does not seem to care?

Oh I sound like an old married woman!

Is that what married life is going to be like? Is that what give and take is?
When you’re pissed off with your partner for blowing you off but at the end of the day, you still go home to each other?
When you’re raging mad and yet sit down to a meal together?
When you’re so willing to strangle him, but find something to be thankful for?
When you so want to stomp off but find reasons to stay?

Oh, it’s a battle.