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Red Nails

Red is such an arresting colour. Bold, sensual, striking, traffic stopping. Chinese deem it auspicious, but I have a sneaky suspicion that they use it for weddings and the new year because it literally screams the occasion, makes people sit up and take notice. Over time, unconciously, people just associate happy occasions with the colour.
I have always thought that it was too loud and brazen a colour on me. I like accents of it, black outfit with a pair of high stilettoes in red for instance.

One of my earliest and fondest childhood memories was watching my mother apply her makeup, she favored bluish eyeshadows and red, red lipsticks. She makes a statement, she always had. She used to paint her nails a vivid red too. She might’ve painted it other colours at intervals, but the only colour in my recollection was red.

I have always thought that I couldn’t quite carry the colour like my mom could. Whenever there were occasions that require me to put on lipstick and I timidly try the fire engine red, I will always look in the mirror and end up toning it down by dabbing (most of it!) off with a tissue. Same goes with the nail polish, I always tell the manicurist to pick a safe colour, almost neutral so that it was not so noticeable should it chip. I always knew that I’m a French kind of girl, dusky pink with a cool slash of white at the tip of the nail. Classy.

So, when I went to the manicurist recently, I instantly gravitated towards my “safe” choices. Should I go with the peachy or the pinkish tinge?
A flash of red caught my eye.
Something just melted inside of me, I picked up the colour chart and studied it, held it up against my toe nails and fingernails. I had a good hour to think about it.
In the end I thought, what the heck, you only live once. A girl’s got to try fire engine red colours at least once, even if she hates it and wants to take it off the minute the polish dries! What better time to do it if not now? 😀

You know what? I didn’t hate it. I kinda, sorta like it. It feels good to shock people once in a while, you know. Though I will probably revert to french-y safe the next time. But for now, I am admiring my red, red nails tapping on the keyboard.
Moving forward, my goal’s to try a siren red dress with 4 inch stilettoes, red of course to go with the nails all the way down to the toes. Hey, one only lives once!

Pleasant Surprise

Imagine standing in front of the lift doors waiting for it to open, random thoughts running and skipping through the mind. I was already upstairs planning out my afternoon and what I was going to do, what colours I would like to use later, when…”ping”, the lift doors slid open to reveal, this:-

A gurgling baby, in his mother’s arm. His mouth in a wide smile as if he knew that I was at the door and he was greeting me! Automatically, it’s almost a reflex, I smiled at him broadly. I was holding my keys in my palm and they made a merry jingling as I waved at the gurgling baby. Almost as if on cue, he chuckled and reached for the jingling keys.
Boy, unexpected gifts are the best! 🙂