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I think it’s time to put a stop to this. I’m making the biggest fool of myself.
Shucks, this is the consequences of talking and acting without thinking.
How does a grown woman like me act like a silly pre-teen? This is awful. I think I need to go get married or something.
Wake up, smell the coffee. It’s not what you fantasize it to be! Stop, stop, STOP!

What are you good at remembering?

Memory is a funny thing. What makes you classify someone as having a good memory or a bad one?
If I cannot remember where I last put my pendrive but I can remember the first time I met you, do I have a good memory or a bad one?
If you cannot remember we were supposed to go out but you can remember the place where we had dinner the first time, is that a good memory or a bad one?
I remember things in sequences, what happens after this memory, when I shifted, what month I left. And I am able to remember down to the last detail of what I had for dinner with someone should I choose to.
I can never make up my mind if I have a good memory or a bad one.
Sometimes I go to a certain place and my body and sensations remember being there but my mind does not. It seemed so familiar, even the air I breathe smells sweet with remembrance.
Sometimes, I will be doing something and catch myself wondering if I had done this before because it sure feels like I have but I can’t remember.
Sometimes you feel like you are remembering something, because you are so sure it is right, when it hasn’t happen yet.
Foolishness or faith?

In 2 weeks

In 2 weeks, it’ll be an anniversary. Where did the Second, Minute, Hour, Day, Week and Month go?
It was as if I’d just turned away for a moment and they ALL slipped by? How is that possible? 🙂
It is not the end of the year when I usually do Reminiscence and Nostalgia.
However, when time comes to say goodbye to a colleague, you sort of remember the first time you walked into the office and not know anybody. So, you kept quiet. Then you remember the awkward moments of trying to get to know all these new people whom you will be seeing and working with constantly, almost every day in fact.
You forget the moment when you actually crossed that line and started liking them for who they are. You started getting their jokes and making some of your own. You have lunches and even dinners with them. You rant to them.
Maybe there never was a moment that it started, maybe it was a gradual process, rather like a baby who in it’s first days, was just lying there and suddenly she was flipping over, and then she starts to crawl! And you begin to wonder, when did I miss that? But you could never put your finger on the exact minute and date she started to flip or to crawl.
Friendships develop like that, you may instantly like or dislike a person, but to grow into friendship, that takes time. And unconciously, you begin to get to know that person’s likes and dislikes, mannerisms, preferences, all the quirkiness and habitual behaviours.
Then you suddenly realize that, hey, we’re friends! 🙂

TRX Sh’bam Jukhari

I tried those classes out. In that order, on a sunny afternoon. *grins
TRX lets one use rope-like paraphernalia to work the human muscles. I did not think that one’s own body weight when supported by one’s arms/legs could be that heavy. Lunges, bends, push ups, muscles seriously get worked. Came out slightly sore for that one.
Sh’bam, the experience was similar to an aerobics class for me, of which I am not particularly fond of. So I day dreamed in that class. One thing that I found interesting was the instructors seemingly upbeat energetic conduct of the class. It makes me wonder, what happens if the instructor was in a bad mood, would he be forced to smile and act jovial because the nature of his job demanded it? Come on, who wants to attend a dance class where the instructor looks like the grim reaper right?
I respect the instructor for his incessant chatter and laugh, uplifting the mood of the class. But I honestly prefer S’s Ritmo Zum. His is the only class so far that sweats me out and I totally enjoy it. Maybe I have just gotten used to him.
Jukhari, use of a rubber-band-like item to swing and pull. It should have been a relatively easy class, but after 2 classes, the energy level was used up. Interesting nevertheless, the lady who conducted it was grim-mer than the previous. It is said that this class improves flexibility, and I wanted to see how exactly does it do that. It was moves that went easy on the muscles, some lunges, stretches and lifts, with the rubber band.Not a bad one though the rubber leaves a hard-to-get-rid-smell on the hands after.