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Monday Blues

Not merely blue, try Navy.
Gahhh, it seems the whole universe conspires to make Monday especially miserable for humanity. Then again, maybe it’s just the pre-conceived notion of most humans reluctantly dragging their feet to work after the weekend.
When one is in a bad mood even the most littlest of things irritate the crap outta ya.
For example, the tuneless humming of a colleague sitting near! It is odd that I have never found it quite so annoying as today. It’s like the perpetual droning of a fly near one’s ear. Can you just imagine?
It drove me to switch on music! Honestly, I have never resorted to this. I was this near, an inch near to blurting out something really rude.
Very, very close.


Traditionally, symbolically, the moon is deemed to be the fullest, brightest and nearest during the 15th of the 8th month in the Lunar calendar.
Although it’s never been much of a practice for my family to gather during this time, this time of the year always reminds me of childhood days when my grandmother used to buy us handmade lanterns. They are always made of transparent paper stretched across a metal frame, painted whatever they are supposed to be, horses, dragons, goldfishes, cats and rabbits, sprinkled with gold dust. As time progress, more and more characters made their way onto shop floors, especially cartoon characters. Some innovative people came up with the electric lanterns for paranoid parents who are afraid that playing with lanterns and candles will cause the whole place to be burnt to a crisp.
Mooncakes, I was and am never much of a fan. Over the years, more and more flavors have been produced, until one ends up with a mouthful of words. Try this, “Snow Skin Chocolate Yogurt with Cranberry bits” or “Snowy White Lotus and Sesame with custard”. But it’s quite a novelty because it’s only once a year that it is produced. The prices have just about tripled since my last count. Ridiculous actually, when one thinks about its relatively low cost.
These words actually hold a more personal meaning than what I like to admit normally. I want to brush it aside skeptically as romanticism. But I just cannot shake that feeling. What it really means to me is a linking of two hearts. When two hearts are allowed to finally unite.
Looking at the pale, silvery moon, almost ethereal, shrouded in a layer of light mist, I marvel at the warmth that spread slowly through my veins, enveloping me. I wonder once again at the call that came on the final day. As I do not believe in coincidences, yet once again I am torn between hope and logic.
It was a good night to have steamboat. Cool breezes wafted by occasionally, warm herbal soup and spicy tom yam burnt our throats. Olden day music filled the air as a street peddler rolled by. I believe I am getting on in age; a young child has just promoted a rank for me.
I feel it in my creaking bones, but on this day, I tilt my face up to look at the graceful creamy moon and mellowed in its graciousness.