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Raining, raining, raining.
I’m longing to nurse a cup of hot green tea, have some side splitting jokes crack me up! 🙂

19th October

I have always been partial to the numbers 19 and 10.
This year, there’ no big birthday bash, there are no surprises. Just quiet, small blessings over the days of the week. Dinner with close friends a day, lunch with colleagues another, a meal with a good friend, coffee with another.
My friend went to buy 2 mini cupcakes for me and she had to devise ways to keep me from seeing it until she lit the candle and I got into the car! Imagine the feat, she was picking me up after all. So, she had to take out the cupcakee, light the candle, all BEFORE I got into the car. Well, she pulled it off, I was very surprised. Like I said, small, sweet gestures. Couple that with coffee in the Pacific. Blissfully warmed.
If these memories were jewelry, they will be the petite diamonds that are clustered together and shine blinding brilliance.
These small getures warm my heart, simple meals, filled with good food and lots of jokes and laughter.
Maybe God is teaching me to count the small blessings in addition to the big ones.

Three jobs I’d consider pursuing if money didn’t matter.

If money were not a problem, how freeing that thought is.
Let’s see, a Marine Biologist would be nice. I dreamed of becoming one in my younger days. Maybe Free Willy had something to do with that. I loved the killer whales, the dolphins and the seals. Imagine my chagrin at being in such a tropical, tropical country that those mammals doesn’t exist here. Ah, well, if money was not an issue, I could very well park myself in a country, volunteering in the sea parks!
Hmm, maybe a restaurateur, cafe owner. Thought of opening a cosy little nook filled with a great selection of coffee and teas, some light finger food, scones, stocking books and knick knacks, a niche collection of CDs, very English and dreamy. Probably won’t make much profit, but if money is not a problem, why not live the dreams? 🙂
A photographer cum journalist. To take photos around the world and write about them. Slums of India, heritage sites of Cambodia, breathtaking views and dirt of China, sidewalks of Paris, turns and bends of Italy, architecture of Rome, ruins of the Greek and Athens, chicness of Manhattan, traditional Britain, kiltish Scotland, arctic cold Alaska, sheep filled New Zealand, the lure of Solomon Island, the breathtaking Himalayas, the pristine beaches of Thailand. To travel the world, soak in the culture and taste the food, sitting on the streets, documenting the experience, observing the people, the culture.
If only money is not an issue. 🙂

Another chapter

Nearing the end of another chapter. To my utmost surprise, I have enjoyed this while it lasted.

Do you prefer to write notes on paper or on an electronic device?

I’m a traditionalist in some ways.
I like writing. Typing seems so impersonal, those cold, stark, upright blocks. No matter which font one uses, which type, it’s still straight!
Handwriting on the other hand, differs from one person to another. They are almost like fingerprints. No one person’s writing is totally one and the same. Even if they do look similar, there are always tell tale clues, the strength put when one writes certain alphabets, the lenght of a particular vowel, the script.
Sometimes one even writes differently in certain moods or with different pens. It’s almost as if the fingers and the hand has some mode of thinking of its own.

What’s the best way to blow off steam when you’re angry?

I guess it’s a personal preference.
A game of vicious racquetball’ll be great. Pounding your way up the stairs, a vigorous session of dancing, facing a sea of water and shouting as loud as you can into the wilderness, screaming into the pillow, venting your frustration with big bold strokes of paint slashing across the canvas.
Sitting queitly, staring out into the majssty of the blue green mountains, leaning comfortably into the cushions, letting waves of soothing jazz wash over you and lulling away the knots of stress, silently uttering a prayer of thanksgiving.

It started with a few text message.
“My photos are all over FB, faintness!”
“Err, yeah i saw, but I think our friend filtered most. You can call and blast her?”
“Ahh…no need la. My boss was trying to add me on FB. Good thing I haven’t approved yet!”
“Why not? Tell him you’ll only add him AFTER you leave the company!By the way, I accepted.”
And then she called, distractedly, “That’s a good thing.”
I paused for half a beat, “You’re working now?”
“How’d you know?”
“I recognized the tone in your voice.”
“Well, at least I called to talk to you.”
“You called because you were too lazy to type out the text message.”
“Shucks, you know me too well, it’s freaky.”
I chuckled.