it's a wrap!

just another manic monday…

It started with a few text message.
“My photos are all over FB, faintness!”
“Err, yeah i saw, but I think our friend filtered most. You can call and blast her?”
“Ahh…no need la. My boss was trying to add me on FB. Good thing I haven’t approved yet!”
“Why not? Tell him you’ll only add him AFTER you leave the company!By the way, I accepted.”
And then she called, distractedly, “That’s a good thing.”
I paused for half a beat, “You’re working now?”
“How’d you know?”
“I recognized the tone in your voice.”
“Well, at least I called to talk to you.”
“You called because you were too lazy to type out the text message.”
“Shucks, you know me too well, it’s freaky.”
I chuckled.

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