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just another manic monday…

Three jobs I’d consider pursuing if money didn’t matter.

If money were not a problem, how freeing that thought is.
Let’s see, a Marine Biologist would be nice. I dreamed of becoming one in my younger days. Maybe Free Willy had something to do with that. I loved the killer whales, the dolphins and the seals. Imagine my chagrin at being in such a tropical, tropical country that those mammals doesn’t exist here. Ah, well, if money was not an issue, I could very well park myself in a country, volunteering in the sea parks!
Hmm, maybe a restaurateur, cafe owner. Thought of opening a cosy little nook filled with a great selection of coffee and teas, some light finger food, scones, stocking books and knick knacks, a niche collection of CDs, very English and dreamy. Probably won’t make much profit, but if money is not a problem, why not live the dreams? 🙂
A photographer cum journalist. To take photos around the world and write about them. Slums of India, heritage sites of Cambodia, breathtaking views and dirt of China, sidewalks of Paris, turns and bends of Italy, architecture of Rome, ruins of the Greek and Athens, chicness of Manhattan, traditional Britain, kiltish Scotland, arctic cold Alaska, sheep filled New Zealand, the lure of Solomon Island, the breathtaking Himalayas, the pristine beaches of Thailand. To travel the world, soak in the culture and taste the food, sitting on the streets, documenting the experience, observing the people, the culture.
If only money is not an issue. 🙂


  Kana Tyler wrote @

You remind me how fortunate I am… I’ve been all three of those! 😉

  ashleewong wrote @

wow! 🙂

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