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just another manic monday…

19th October

I have always been partial to the numbers 19 and 10.
This year, there’ no big birthday bash, there are no surprises. Just quiet, small blessings over the days of the week. Dinner with close friends a day, lunch with colleagues another, a meal with a good friend, coffee with another.
My friend went to buy 2 mini cupcakes for me and she had to devise ways to keep me from seeing it until she lit the candle and I got into the car! Imagine the feat, she was picking me up after all. So, she had to take out the cupcakee, light the candle, all BEFORE I got into the car. Well, she pulled it off, I was very surprised. Like I said, small, sweet gestures. Couple that with coffee in the Pacific. Blissfully warmed.
If these memories were jewelry, they will be the petite diamonds that are clustered together and shine blinding brilliance.
These small getures warm my heart, simple meals, filled with good food and lots of jokes and laughter.
Maybe God is teaching me to count the small blessings in addition to the big ones.

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  anonymous wrote @

Happy Birthday 🙂

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