it's a wrap!

just another manic monday…

Serial Marathons

I’ve been staying up late or early depending on how one looks at it.
Having serial marathons.
Oh yes.
CSI in Hong Kong.
* grins
I grew up with Hong Kong serials. My grandparents watched them all the time. I remembered when I was younger, my grandmother will make an impromptu trip to the video store to get the newest episode in exchange for the ones we just finished, usually 1 or 2 episodes, depending on the rate they’re produced. We used to play it in the VCR, Video Cassette Recording.

The shop had shelves upon shelves of cassettes all stacked along the walls. We have an account there, it consist of a yellow A4 card, with columns where they record how many cassettes we’ve loaned. Fee was $2.50 per cassette. I used to enojy myself sitting at my grandparents’ feet and watching those serials with them.
Well, the store lasted till VCDs and Astro came along. It closed down soon after.
But the industry of drama serials continue to flourish to this day! I’m still enjoying them at any rate.
I was watching the recent Forensic Heroes III.
In one of the scenes, this actor, Jim took his girlfriend Mandy to dinner, he said he was looking for a Korean place. They drove past a cafe, and Mandy’s eyes looked longingly at it. The cafe however had a tag on the glass door that said, “Business ended.” Jim asked her what was wrong as they drove pass.
Mandy told him that the coffee and lemon meringue from this cafe were her absolute favourites.
She had earlier grimaced at a cup of coffee from another joint.
Jim made a U-turn and brought her to the cafe again. Sniffing she said she smelled coffee. Thinking it her imagination, she stepped down, closer to the cafe. But it’s true. It does smell like coffee, she turned questioniongly to Jim.
Jim, shrugging said, we might as well go in then since we are here.
They opened the door and stepped inside. The proprietor came forward and greeted her, smiling and saying that Jim had earlier came in to request that he brewed coffee another time for his girlfriend. He asked them to wait while he got the lemon meringue out. Stars in her eyes, Mandy thanked Jim.
I told this story not only for the romance. It was a great surprise true, but Jim could just as easily take her to the most expensive restaurant, Michelin starred and Mandy would’ve been as surprised.
It was the thought and the heart he put into thinking how to present to Mandy her absolute favourite things. The coffee and meringue that she loved, it couldn’t have been so expensive but it had the ability to touch her heart so much, because it was what she loved.

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