it's a wrap!

just another manic monday…


I chanced upon an old folder in my email. In it was a collection of old emails and instant messaging histories. I went through them one by one.

They were conversations and communications between a guy I had a crush on and I. I used to call him Doc.

To be honest I cannot remember the context in which the nickname came about. Some of the things made me laugh, some of them made tears roll down my cheeks, some made me wonder if things had been different, some just made me marvel at youth.

I had forgotten that I read the book King Arthur, I just don’t remember, but apparently I did, according to those emails. I did find out that I was interested in taking photographs even from then though. At least that was not a passing phase with me! Ha!

I was reading about me in another time. How time molds and shapes one. I could scarcely recognize the person who wrote those emails, who communicated to the guy in that manner. But I read the fun and hope between those lines. The hope of youth, the wishful thinking that, maybe, one day…and I’m glad that nobody chose to burst my bubble then.

My hopes would’ve been quite dashed had I know what  I knew today.

He’s married and a dad now. I think we would have nothing much to say to each other even if we manage to meet and catch up. After all he knew the younger version of me, and I knew the pre-married life of him.

Maybe one day we will. Well, I hope we will.

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