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Source of Inspiration

Sometimes you never know when something you do encourages inspires someone.
But I know many a times when i have been inspired by the people I know.

What a Wonderful World

Cooking is therapeutic.
I might have scoffed at this a few weeks back, even yesterday. But today, I found it interesting that I should consider it a reasonable saying.
What a Wonderful World is beckoning to me. I think I will not get any rest until I break her down to pieces and understand what she is made of. So before setting down to mug for the test, I shall put to rest these restlessness of the Wonderful World.

i like Fridays like this

After lunch, treated myself to a cup of joe and a huge white chocolate cranberry cookie.
Thunder started threatening us with rain.
But it doesn’t spoil my buoyant “Happy Friday” mood, I called it.
Some little irritations here and there, but all in all, I’m still glad it’s Friday.
And it’s so nice to sit down with the bitter, black brew neutralizing the cloying sweetness of the white chocolate and sharp sourish cranberries in the cookie. What an interesting mix for the palate.
Listening to the rain showering down on the warm red bricked pavement, I sighed contentedly, nursing my warm brew.
I like Fridays like these, really.

Le Moment

I passed this cosy looking cafe a few years ago. I passed it another time, mentally resolving to sit inside for a drink later in the evening.
The white slats at the exterior of the building caught my attention, as did the wine bottles sitting in a jaunty row on the wooden slab, the black wrought iron, relaly narrow bar should have looked out of place as the wooden bar table and two chairs on the left should. Yet did not. Instead it added to the allure of the place.
I peeked inside and saw a smartly suited waiter, bending to place a fork at the precise location. The interior was decorated in white linen tablecloths, silverware and crystal glasses. Touches of golden light from the lamp bathed and highlighted the warm wooden furniture.
The one that really did it for me though, the chalkboard menu. I love those, white chalky, italized list of servings for the day.

Spot the cherry

Cherries are yummy fruits when they are not toe curlingly sour! 😀
Firm, supple flesh when your teeth breaks the skin and sinks into the juicy, sweet texture. Hmm…

Can you spot the difference? This shade if red makes me oh, so want to go get a manicure. *grins

Free flow of Coffee

That is so cool! Go down, grab one whenever you feel like it. It feels your personal coffee bar.
But that’s when you realize you cannot take more than a few cups a day!
Unless you like heart palpitations and caffeine overdose. It’s not a nice feeling at all, you’re on edge, nervous. You want to sleep but you can’t because whenever you close your eyes, you’re tired but your brain’s in overdrive, thoughts tumble through them at such an amazing speed.
The after effects are just as draining as those cups of coffee, man.
Ahh, it’s that once a year indulgence after all. Appreciate it while it lasts! 🙂

Pull-ed Coffee

I started my little journey with this friend named Coffee some years ago. As a child, I was fascinated with the aroma of the brew. Waking up in the bright morning sunshine dancing into to kitchen, the shadows of the leaves in the backyard throwing their shadows onto the charcoal tiles, I would sniff my grandmother’s early morning mug of coffee and enjoy just the smell of it. She took hers with lots of sugar and cream.

As I grew up, Starbucks made its presence felt in the country, and I was curious and started having their caramel macchiato. Wow! That was just lovely. The drink was sweet, with lots of sugar and cream, wrapped in the sweet caramel-ly taste. It was my favorite drink during my university days, young girl fresh outlook on the world, starry eyed and impressionable. I would sit back on the armchair provided by Starbucks and watched the cars go by outside, safely cocooned in the pseudo homey atmosphere of the café.

Aha, then comes the plunge into the working world, I moved on to drinking latte. The milky brew satisfying though not sweet, allowing me to enjoy the aroma of coffee yet masking the bitterness with the frothy milk. Hmm, not bad, not bad at all…then, if I had no time at the office, I just take my coffee with cream and nothing else. Those were what I would like to name the shaping years, the years that threw me into the whirlpool of work, growing up, discovery, self-awareness, thoughts, and mistakes.

I would like to think that those years helped shaped my character for the better.

Finally, this is by no means the last leg of my life, but I have graduated to drinking coffee, black, with nothing else. Ahh, that strong, bitter brew, the untainted aroma of it, lingers within the recesses of your tongue. I have finally learnt to appreciate the brew. I remembered this as a time of transition. Now rare are those times when I do not drink the coffee black. However, there are those times, when I indulge that sweet tooth and have Nescafe tarik, especially today, when I woke up with aches in all my joints and limbs. I walked into the office and am thankful for somebody who did not mind “manja-ing” me, fixing me that perk-me-up.