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4.30pm rolled around and I was hungry. Ooh, yes, hungry. Having exhausted all options of unhealthy food, fried banana chips and peanuts, I went into the pantry and removed a nice, red tomato from the refrigerator. Aha! I’ve never eaten tomatoes like one would eat an apple until today, I totally ran out of options you see. Happily munching on it, I offered it to my colleague and she stared at me, wondering how on earth I could eat a tomato like that! Then a question that always confused me surfaced. Is tomato a fruit or a vegetable? Floored, that I am! So to Blackle went I. It seems fruits are the means with which a plant pro-creates, and we were basically eating the placenta of the fruit. Err, now that you put it that way, yucks! My interest piqued, I went on to read that, a fruit contains seeds and a plant could grow out of those. So, a single plant could be a vegetable and a fruit, all nicely packed in one! In summary to quote that article “A fruit is a container by which a plant disperses its seeds and a vegetable is any edible portion of a plant!” To answer the question of the tomato, it’s a fruit, simply because it contains seeds. And corn, is a grain, fruit and vegetable! Beat that, instant coffee! Ha!