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Le Moment

I passed this cosy looking cafe a few years ago. I passed it another time, mentally resolving to sit inside for a drink later in the evening.
The white slats at the exterior of the building caught my attention, as did the wine bottles sitting in a jaunty row on the wooden slab, the black wrought iron, relaly narrow bar should have looked out of place as the wooden bar table and two chairs on the left should. Yet did not. Instead it added to the allure of the place.
I peeked inside and saw a smartly suited waiter, bending to place a fork at the precise location. The interior was decorated in white linen tablecloths, silverware and crystal glasses. Touches of golden light from the lamp bathed and highlighted the warm wooden furniture.
The one that really did it for me though, the chalkboard menu. I love those, white chalky, italized list of servings for the day.

Spot the cherry

Cherries are yummy fruits when they are not toe curlingly sour! 😀
Firm, supple flesh when your teeth breaks the skin and sinks into the juicy, sweet texture. Hmm…

Can you spot the difference? This shade if red makes me oh, so want to go get a manicure. *grins

Breakfast platter

Breafast food. My favourite meal of the day.
I classify quite a number of foods into this category. Sunny side ups, baked beans, tomatoes, bacon and sausages top my list. Then there are cereals, milk, bread and butter, strawberry jam, muesli, hard boiled eggs, toast, yogurt, porridge and cruelles, chee cheong fun, noodle soup, nasi lemak, pancakes with maple syrup!

All accompanied with the rich, black bitter brew I’m a lover of: coffee