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angelina jolie

F.Lew: What are you going to name your daughter?

CS.Lee: Still thinking.

F.Lew: I know! I know! How about Angel? Then her Chinese name can be Na! Ala AngeLeeNa!

CS.Lee: =.=

F.Lew: And if you have a son next time name him Jo. Ala JoLee.

Angelina Jolie.

CS.Lee: *speechless

The rest of us? Practically rolling around on the grimy, sticky green white tiles of an old coffeeshop with laughter!

What an entertaining lunch. I love lunch-mates that make me laugh.

Surprise a Success!

As my mom’s birthday drew near, I was wondering what I should do. Gifts? Have a bouquet of flowers delivered? Sent a loving message? Call her early in the morning?
In the end, I decided to surprise her by going home unexpectedly on that weekend. *Rub hands.
Having decided that, I wasted no time roping in the family for help. First, I got one sister to go home with me. Then another to agree to pick us up. The dad and the brother was included in the plans, we need everybody to work together to pull this off!
And so, the day dawned for us to go home. I barely had 3 hours of sleep, yes, I was a zombie. Trudged to the florist early morn to get the bouquet of flowers.
Some last minute hiccups which included the place planned was reluctantly accepted, so the sister had to go home and find out where they planned to go. Arranged for the dad to pick us instead. Mom was seriously in a chillax mode. No hurry at all.
So dad picked us, and we reached the original destination planned, PANIC! It was closed!
Emergency calls and last minute changes to the plans. We reached the new destination in due time and had time to set up the place and plan our surprise birthday song singing and presentation.
We pulled it OFF! The look on mom’s face, and her eyes that caressed the bouquet of flowers even after she has sat down, basking in love. It was worth every brain cell getting killed in the process of this.
Along the way the hiccups will go down in history as a story to tell our sons and daughters. Our siblings will have a nutsy time and gales of laughter recalling this. I loved the weeked! πŸ˜‰

Happy Friday

Wheeeee, happy weekend!
I know I’m going to be so stoned tomorrow from lack of sleep, but the weekend beckons alluringly.
Luring me into it’s contagiously cheerful mood.
In spite of the horrible traffic jam congregating everywhere outsid, I’m hoping for a lovely drive to my destination. And a session of catching up!
So, cheers! πŸ˜€
Here’s a photo to end the week with, the boy’s expression is a good gauge! πŸ˜‰

Spot the cherry

Cherries are yummy fruits when they are not toe curlingly sour! πŸ˜€
Firm, supple flesh when your teeth breaks the skin and sinks into the juicy, sweet texture. Hmm…

Can you spot the difference? This shade if red makes me oh, so want to go get a manicure. *grins

It started with a few text message.
“My photos are all over FB, faintness!”
“Err, yeah i saw, but I think our friend filtered most. You can call and blast her?”
“Ahh…no need la. My boss was trying to add me on FB. Good thing I haven’t approved yet!”
“Why not? Tell him you’ll only add him AFTER you leave the company!By the way, I accepted.”
And then she called, distractedly, “That’s a good thing.”
I paused for half a beat, “You’re working now?”
“How’d you know?”
“I recognized the tone in your voice.”
“Well, at least I called to talk to you.”
“You called because you were too lazy to type out the text message.”
“Shucks, you know me too well, it’s freaky.”
I chuckled.

I was a platinum blonde in huge sunglasses and red regalia.

Another S-M-I-L-E

The service industry in Malaysia has never made much of an impression on me. I have had some grest experiences where the people serving go to great lengths to make your visit enjoyable, and that, especially for restaurants, will play a huge part in making sure I think of their eatery when I next want to eat.

Just this morning, the Mcdonalds inΒ Bangsar gets my thumbs up. I popped in to get breakfast and wanted the items packed in paper bags as it minimizes the spillage for my coffee. The bun and coffee plus hash brown fits nicely snug in the paper bag. And it’s easy to grab. More environment friendly compared to plastic, made from recycled paper. Personal opinion πŸ™‚

Anyhow, they patiently listened to my requests for to “pack the coffees in pairs, put in the buns, sauces and serviettes.” They sent me off with brilliant smiles. I stepped out into the cloudy, breezy morning and thought, wow, I got smiles!

Anyhow, it’s the last working day for me before Chinese New Year!!!Β  Woo HOO!! πŸ˜€