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Faces of Hong Kong

Some elderly men at the top of the stairs leading to the MTR station, near Causeway Bay. They look upon the world with weariness, as if they’ve seen it all and was tired of them all.
This being one of my favourite photograph. The lady sings her heart out, and she has a oh so sweet voice. She sang, brimming with hope. Ah, yes, she may have been through harsh times, yes, she has loved and lost. But any minute now, when she turns the corner, favour will be upon her and she’ll find joy! Any minute now. She has seen so much of the dreariness of life yet has not lost hope.
A little boy throwing his tantrum in the middle of the wet pavement. It was drizzling. He was pissed! A single glance at the face told me that, but I could not resist taking his photograph as he stomp on the ground. Ahh, the blissful ignorance of a child. Maybe I wouldn’t be so amused if it was my child. But I was amused with this child that particular day. Maybe it was just the holiday mood.

This little girl’s school had just let out. Her mom was speaking to another lady, she was waiting with her hair caught up in pig tails, munching on a snack. Peeking curiously at something, I caught her just at that particular angle. Such a pretty little one, she’s going to grow up to be a real heart-breaker!

Silvery Cool Ring

I recently bought this ring. I have always loved the wide-eyed look of owls and their wisdom. I always wonder why owls are being associated with wisdom. Who thought of that? Why?
Well, this particular piece caught my attention as the owl had a huge (relativity, in comparison with its size) pearl in the middle of it’s belly. Its silvery cool with cold black eyes. It looks stand-offish enough for a cocktail party.
Got if off a relatively new accessories blog:

Le Moment

I passed this cosy looking cafe a few years ago. I passed it another time, mentally resolving to sit inside for a drink later in the evening.
The white slats at the exterior of the building caught my attention, as did the wine bottles sitting in a jaunty row on the wooden slab, the black wrought iron, relaly narrow bar should have looked out of place as the wooden bar table and two chairs on the left should. Yet did not. Instead it added to the allure of the place.
I peeked inside and saw a smartly suited waiter, bending to place a fork at the precise location. The interior was decorated in white linen tablecloths, silverware and crystal glasses. Touches of golden light from the lamp bathed and highlighted the warm wooden furniture.
The one that really did it for me though, the chalkboard menu. I love those, white chalky, italized list of servings for the day.

Happy Friday

Wheeeee, happy weekend!
I know I’m going to be so stoned tomorrow from lack of sleep, but the weekend beckons alluringly.
Luring me into it’s contagiously cheerful mood.
In spite of the horrible traffic jam congregating everywhere outsid, I’m hoping for a lovely drive to my destination. And a session of catching up!
So, cheers! 😀
Here’s a photo to end the week with, the boy’s expression is a good gauge! 😉

Spot the cherry

Cherries are yummy fruits when they are not toe curlingly sour! 😀
Firm, supple flesh when your teeth breaks the skin and sinks into the juicy, sweet texture. Hmm…

Can you spot the difference? This shade if red makes me oh, so want to go get a manicure. *grins

Breakfast platter

Breafast food. My favourite meal of the day.
I classify quite a number of foods into this category. Sunny side ups, baked beans, tomatoes, bacon and sausages top my list. Then there are cereals, milk, bread and butter, strawberry jam, muesli, hard boiled eggs, toast, yogurt, porridge and cruelles, chee cheong fun, noodle soup, nasi lemak, pancakes with maple syrup!

All accompanied with the rich, black bitter brew I’m a lover of: coffee

drizzling stars

One of my favourite images. The sun glares give the impression that stars are falling from the sky into the sea.